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Do you want to enjoy the confidence in your smile you had when you were younger? Do you want dentures that will be attractive, comfortable, and secure when you eat, talk, smile, and laugh? The Denture Fountain of Youth® can give you this and more. Enjoy comfort, function, and confidence you never thought possible with dentures.

Dr. Rod Strickland has invented a unique approach to fitting dentures. The improved fit helps dentures feel better and function better. Plus, they restore the youthful proportions of your face, taking decades off your appearance. They can even be made into long-lasting implant dentures for still better function.

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About The Denture Fountain of Youth®

In the past, dentists asked their patients to accept limitations from their dentures. Dr. Strickland realized that modern dental technology could eliminate these limitations. People don’t have to suffer denture pain. They can eat normally. Since tooth loss is one of the key reasons why people look older, restoring teeth properly should take decades off one’s appearance.

Dr. Strickland’s technique gives FOY® Dentures balanced pressure across the gums and jawbone to improve fit and comfort. The fit is functional, helping the muscles achieve a natural, effective, healthy bite. It also provides facial support like your natural teeth to give you a younger appearance that looks natural, not surgical.

FOY® Dentures use the latest materials, providing a natural appearance and high durability. Adding dental implants gives even more benefits, such as support for the jawbone and gums, greater bite force, and even more stability and security. FOY® Dentures give you all you could ask of a pair of dentures and more.

The Denture Fountain of Youth® is a highly custom procedure, which means your dentist will determine the cost after talking about your options.

The cost is usually partly covered by dental insurance. Many who need it can also qualify for dental financing.

Economy dentures use the same cheap plastic for teeth and gums. FOY® Dentures use Phonares teeth. These teeth are made of advanced ceramic like those used in cosmetic dentistry procedures like porcelain veneers. Instead of being a standard smile, FOY® Dentures are custom-designed, tooth by tooth, to give you a unique, attractive smile that complements your face shape. The gum material is layered and translucent, creating a more natural appearance.

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