We’re older than we’ve ever been, and now we’re even older. Although time waits for no man (no, nor woman neither, though by your smiling you seem to say so), science also marches on, and we are lucky to have a continual stream of new treatments to help us evade time’s bending sickle.

Technology can provide innovative approaches to facial rejuvenation, from creams to injectables to neuromuscular dentures. Here are six new nonsurgical beauty treatments that are either just released or are being developed to be released.

FOY® Dentures

FOY® Dentures are a great example of how technology can provide innovative approaches to facial rejuvenation. By using the principles of neuromuscular dentistry, FOY® Dentures support the face in a far more natural way than economy dentures. The custom fit and support fill your face out just like natural teeth, eliminating wrinkles around the face and jaw and getting rid of that “sunken in” look that dentures sometimes cause.


eTwo is a relatively new skin treatment designed to firm skin to reduce the appearance of age. Although the basic technological premise is common–using radiofrequency radiation to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin–the application is new. eTwo uses two different RF treatments to achieve more comprehensive firming of the skin. The first treatment penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate the production of collagen in a way that can help get rid of deeper folds and wrinkles. The second treatment is a fractionated RF treatment (think Fraxel), which is more intense and oriented at the more superficial levels of skin.


dreamstime_s_35890928-lotion faceRevance is probably one of the most remarkable beauty innovations in recent history. It’s a topical cream containing botulinum toxin. That’s right, it’s BOTOX Cosmetic without the needle. The company behind the product actually developed TransMTS, a protein that enables linked molecules to penetrate the skin to reach deeper structures, such as muscles. They are first using it to deliver botox because of the strong anti-aging market, but it could be used to deliver many different kinds of medication that currently requires injections.

Gum Rejuvenation

Although there’s no doubt that the texture of your skin and the presence of wrinkles can make you look older, so can your smile. One big problem for many people is receding gums, which can give you the long-toothed appearance that can make your smile look old, if not ghoulish. In the past, people could only get this fixed with a gum graft technique, but now the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique treats receding gums without surgery.


ATX-101 is such a new treatment that it doesn’t even have a name yet, other than its code name designation. The formula is designed to melt fat, similar to mesotherapy, but hopefully with a better safety profile. It was specifically designed to attack fat that builds up under the chin, called submental fat, which could help improve the rejuvenation effects of FOY® Dentures.

According to presentations by researchers, about 80% of people who used the treatment saw improvement of their submental fat by at least one degree. Of those responding to treatment, about 52% responded to two treatments, and by the time four treatments were applied, about 72% of people saw results.


Another skin cream, ho-hum, you might say, but the Dermalfx line of products seeks to do for hyaluronic acid (the second most popular cosmetic treatment) what Revance does for botox (the most popular cosmetic treatment): eliminate the need for injections. Using what they call Ionic Nano Particle Technology (INParT) to make the hyaluronic acid molecule smaller so it can permeate your skin more easily. This means that unlike other hyaluronic acid creams (and like hyaluronic acid injections), the rejuvenating compound doesn’t just sit on the skin, it penetrates into the skin where it can plump up tissues and give long-lasting rejuvenation.

The Frontiers of Beauty

Although time may keep piling on the marks of aging, technology keeps developing great new ways to take them off again, so that you can continue to enjoy a fresh and fabulous face for years to come.