senior woman holding her mouth in painDo you have sores at the corners of your mouth? These could be red sores, or white flaky skin. They can be open sores that bleed regularly. They may scab over. Often they are painful and can make it hard for you to talk, smile, and eat.

This is angular cheilitis, although it has several other names. People with poorly fitting dentures often develop this condition.

Skin Irritation from Poorly Fitting Dentures

You may think that your denture fit only affects the inside of your mouth, but this isn’t the case at all. The way your dentures fit and support your face controls the way the skin folds around your mouth. When you have poorly fitting or short dentures, your mouth may overclose, leading the skin around your mouth to fold over on itself.

This folding can lead to skin irritation around the mouth the same way it may cause irritation in other places where skin folds over. The irregular folding of the mouth can also cause saliva to leak out of the corner of your mouth. The moisture and digestive enzymes in your saliva can make skin irritation worse.

Infections Related to Poor Denture Fit

Another cause of angular cheilitis is oral infections that may be related to poorly fitting dentures. Poorly fitting dentures allow bacteria, fungus, and other microorganisms to get under your dentures where they can thrive.

Normally, nightly cleaning is adequate to control these infections even for people with poorly fitting dentures, so this normally develops in people who leave their dentures in overnight. However, poorly fitting dentures can increase your risk for denture-related infections.

Get Rid of Painful, Unattractive Sores

If you have these painful, unattractive sores at the corners of your mouth, we can help. FOY® Dentures are specifically designed to better support your facial tissues with a natural, youthful bite. One of the benefits of this improved support is that you will have less uncomfortable folds of skin around your mouth that can contribute to angular cheilitis. And because they have a better fit than traditional dentures, FOY® Dentures can reduce your risk of denture-related infections.

To learn more about how you can benefit from this improvement over traditional dentures, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.