It’s Halloween season again, and that means that costumes are popping up everywhere. You can hardly go into any store without seeing costumes and costume accessories out–not a grocery store, department store, or drugstore.

And the most jolting accessory of all can be the costume dentures. These costume dentures are usually designed to be exaggerated and disgusting in one way or another, but sometimes they bear an uncomfortable resemblance to your own dentures.

a bunch of old, used dentures

They Look Fake

No matter what the package may say, costume dentures typically look fake. They’re very unlikely to be mistaken for natural teeth.

Unfortunately, the same can often be said for many economy or traditional dentures. They aren’t fooling anyone. These dentures are even made like costume dentures. They’re made of all plastic. And often the entire denture is made beforehand, then it’s just fitted into your mouth. You might as well have bought them off the shelf.

But dentures don’t have to look fake. Natural-looking dentures can be made by a denture that understands the proper techniques and uses quality materials. These dentures are custom-crafted with individually designed and manufactured teeth that are made of realistic high tech.

They Don’t Work

Costume dentures aren’t designed for eating, and maybe you think that your dentures weren’t either.

Costume dentures will say that you should take them out for eating. If you are doing the same with your dentures, then you need better dentures.

Dentures are supposed to help you eat, and when properly designed by a well-trained dentist, they will. Add to that the strength and durability of high tech teeth, and you’ve got dentures that really have bite.

They Don’t Fit

One of the most common complaints about these costume dentures is that they’re too bulky, and that makes them uncomfortable to wear for long.

Many people feel this way about their regular dentures, and they either take them out for comfort during the day, or maybe even only wear them for special occasions.

But dentures should be comfortable enough that you can wear them all day–or longer. With dentures like hybrid dentures, they have to feel like your natural teeth or better. And using dental implants and the principles of neuromuscular dentistry, FOY® Dentures achieve that.

It’s Time to Get Rid of Costume Dentures

If you are tired of wearing dentures that look, feel, and function like costume dentures, it’s time to look into quality dentures. Please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today to learn how good your dentures can be.