It’s a myth that dentures have to smell bad. In fact, with proper care, properly fitting dentures can be odor-free. If you have bad breath with your dentures, you have to evaluate whether the problem is your care routine or the dentures themselves.

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Are You Cleaning Your Dentures Properly?

As with natural teeth, failure to clean your dentures properly can allow bacteria to build up on them. Along with food residue, this leads to bad breath, because many of these bacteria are anaerobic, which means they don’t breathe oxygen. What do they breathe? Sulfur, the foundation of many smelly compounds, which is why they give you bad breath.

So the first step to combating bad breath with dentures is to check your cleaning routine. You have to take them out to clean daily, which means both brushing and soaking. Brush both the teeth parts and the gum parts, especially where the denture contacts your gums. Make sure you remove all the food particles and any other residue, including denture adhesive.

Then put your dentures in to soak, according to the instructions of either your denture manufacturer or the denture soak manufacturer.

And don’t forget to thoroughly clean your gums as well. Not only will this help prevent bad breath, but it can help protect you against gum disease.

Or Are Your Dentures the Problem?

If you’re cleaning your dentures properly, but you’re still getting bad breath, it’s time to evaluate your dentures. The most common cause of bad breath is that the dentures just aren’t fitting well enough, allowing food and bacteria to accumulate under the denture, which leads to unpleasant smells.

Better-fitting FOY® Dentures can minimize the amount of accumulation you get under the denture. To learn how these can benefit you, contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.