You probably think you know all the wrinkles that your dentures are causing. You have seen the ones develop around your mouth, your usual “lipstick lines” turning into deep furrows, maybe even a wide fold at each corner of the mouth. The marionette lines that run from there down to your chin, as well as the folds around the corners of your nose. You have probably identified the first hints of witch’s chin.

But did you know that even wrinkles around the eyes might be due to your dentures?

Your Eyes Are Essential to Smiling

When you smile, and we mean, really smile, you are using muscles not just around the mouth, but around the eye, too. This is what is known as a Duchenne smile, a true smile of happiness that people recognize as a genuine emotion, not the fake smile you put on to be polite.

The muscles that convey the true emotion in your smile, the ones that show your real happiness are actually the orbicularis oculi, whose primary function is to contract your eyes. The other effect of contracting your orbicularis oculi muscles? Crow’s feet.
A cute grandma

Picking up the Slack

Even though the orbicularis oculi muscles play a role in a normal person’s smile, they can play a more significant role in the process of smiling when a person has dentures.

Most dentures don’t replace the full height of your natural teeth. This means that you have excess skin in the mouth area that needs to be elevated to make a normal smile. Over time, you will train your mouth to do this, utilizing not just the normal mouth muscles, but also engaging your orbicularis oculi to help lift your mouth to try to expose more of your denture teeth. This will cause those muscles to work harder, contract more fully, and increase the amount of wrinkling around your eyes.

Dentures That Rejuvenate Your Face

The Denture Fountain of Youth® helps prevent wrinkles around the mouth and around the eyes. The secret is utilizing neuromuscular dentistry to properly measure the natural youthful dimensions of the face so that your dentures really do fill up all the volume that your natural teeth and jawbones used to. This will provide support for the muscles of the face, making it easier and more comfortable to smile.

As a result, you will be less likely to develop wrinkles around the eyes, as well as around the mouth.

To learn more about dentures that can turn back the years, please contact a local Denture Fountain of Youth® dentist.