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Dr. Becky Coats, DDS, MAGD

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Dr. Becky Coats, DDS, MAGD

Dr. Becky Coats is a highly trained general, cosmetic, neuromuscular, and denture dentist. As the youngest female recipient of the Mastership Award from the Academy of General Dentistry in 2008, she has been recognized repeatedly for her outstanding knowledge, talent, and dedication to her patients. She has also been recognized as a “Top Doc” by Living Magazine, and received several awards from organizations in Grapevine, Houston, and elsewhere in Texas.

Dr. Coats began her career as a denture dentist by earning her dental degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School, where she made the dean’s list and received a clinical award for excellence. As she completed her residency at The University of Texas Dental Branch, he was named Chief Resident. Since completing her dental degree, she has continued to receive additional training, including Invisalign certification and neuromuscular dentistry training at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. She earned the rank of Fellow because of the extent of courses she completed. Utilizing her neuromuscular dentistry knowledge as a denture dentist just makes sense. She appreciates the way FOY® Dentures allow her to continue to give her patients great dental results even after they have lost their teeth. She has also been trained in implant dentistry, and she likes being able to offer her patients a variety of quality options.

In addition to her regular work as a denture dentist, she volunteers with Special Olympics, at a clinic providing free basic oral care for disadvantaged children, and on mission trips.

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Interview With Dallas Denture Dentist, Dr. Becky Coats

Why did you decide to start offering FOY® Dentures at your dental practice?

I am a neuromuscular trained dentist and I wanted to use the same techniques as a denture dentist. I understand how to complete full mouth dentistry and also done to correct smiles and TMJ and muscle ache concerns. Really there is not a difference with people that have teeth or no teeth. The foundation is different of course however the principles for full mouth restoration are the same for patients with teeth and without. I felt offering the Denture Fountain of Youth® technique was a seamless transition as a denture dentist since I was already using the same principles of opening a patient's bite with teeth or without, utilizing a TENS unit. The FOY® Dentures concept is simple when you explain to the patient that you are making their new smile based on their muscles and evaluate their lip length and then place the teeth where their face and smile are framed. Then the outcome turns out wonderful!

How is being a denture dentist different with the advent of FOY® Dentures?
As a denture dentist I am now able to provide patients with dentures that frame their face belter, with teeth that are at the correct position for smiling and supporting the face to reduce wrinkles. I feel this is the best neuromuscular approach to making a denture will make a patient happy. Most patients with denture teeth complain of their bite does not feel right and that is because their denture dentist didn't take the muscles into account when designing the position of the teeth.

What is the most common complaint about economy dentures that you hear as a denture dentist?
Patients hate what they have which is usually too loose or their bite and smile feel all wrong. I hope they know you get what you pay for rings true!
Another complaint is the teeth wore down quick and that is another example of the bite not being in the correct muscle position. The same goes true for lip wrinkles. Teeth position and what shows in your smile are a part of where to set the teeth in the mouth to frame the lips. A denture dentist has to consider all these things along with color and tooth shape so that the patient does not have another denture left in drawer at home not being used.

What advice would you give to a patient who is considering FOY® Dentures dentist versus a traditional denture dentist?
If you are looking for a good fit, teeth that support your smile and lips and teeth that do not look too short in your smile consider a denture dentist who uses this technique. A bad technique will produce uncomfortable dentures. This is the best technique that I know of to make a patient comfortable and confident about their new teeth function, and appearance.

Denture Options in Grapevine, Texas

Americans are living longer, and the challenge facing dentists is how to make these longer lives better for us all. About a quarter of all people age 65 and older are edentulous—without teeth—and many of them are not good candidates for dental implants, either by choice or because of medical reasons, so making dentures better could be a big improvement in their quality of life. Bringing FOY® Dentures to Grapevine, Texas is one way that Dr. Coats is trying to help people without teeth, including those over age 65, to live better lives.

Traditional dentures often do not fit well, which impacts a wearer's quality of life in many ways. Poorly fitting dentures can cause painful denture sores. They also can limit a person's ability to chew, resulting in poor nutrition. And when dentures slip out in social situations, it can impact a wearer's self-confidence, making them reluctant to join in social situations and increasing their isolation.

FOY® Dentures address many of these problems to improve wearers' quality of life. Better fitting dentures can reduce or eliminate painful sores, improve the ability to enjoy a diversity of nutritious foods, and remain secure during social situations, giving added confidence. And FOY® Dentures can give an added confidence boost by helping people look younger. FOY® Dentures ability to reduce jowls and deep facial folds while restoring fullness to the cheeks and lips can give wearers more confidence to join in and seek out social situations.

Quality dentistry is ultimately not about teeth or gums or even the mouth, it's about people, and giving them a better life by caring properly for their oral health. Offering FOY® Dentures helps Dr. Coats do this for her patients in Grapevine, Texas.

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