Are you unhappy with your current dentures? If you are, then maybe it’s time to ditch them for a set of high quality dentures. There are many benefits to high-quality dentures like FOY ® Dentures that make them worth the investment. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy with high-quality dentures.

three female patients of Dr. Rod Strickland showing off the benefits of high quality dentures

Be Confident in Your Smile

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your current dentures, you’re likely reluctant to smile. This keeps you from relaxing and enjoying yourself in many social situations.

Or maybe the problem is the fit of the dentures. If they can’t be counted on to be in place when you smile, you may just not want to smile.

But with high-quality dentures, you know that smiling is going to show off your beautiful dentures that don’t look fake.

Be Comfortable in Your Dentures

One of the main things that people dislike about their dentures is that they feel uncomfortable. Denture pain can come from many sources: they may pinch, move around, or be imbalanced. This can make your dentures uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, painful to wear when eating, or possibly painful to wear even for short times.

High-quality dentures help you avoid discomfort because they are properly fitted. They don’t pinch, and their secure fit means they don’t slide around in your mouth. With balanced forces, they don’t create pressure sores.

Speak More Clearly

Many people have trouble speaking in dentures at first. That’s because traditional dentures and cheap dentures are often loose, which makes it hard to form the sounds you want. When dentures slip out of place, they can cause you to slur your words or even make loud clicking sounds. 

High-quality dentures are secure, making it easier to speak clearly by forming all speech sounds without having dentures slip and click. 

Avoid Smells and Stains

No one likes dentures that look or smell unpleasant. Unfortunately, some dentures can acquire stains and smells readily.

But high-quality dentures are resistant to stains and smells. High-density PMMA for the base keeps smelly and staining compounds from penetrating into the denture. High-tech teeth are even more resistant to stains and smells. Their glaze keeps these compounds out. High-quality dentures not only look better when they’re made, but they also maintain their appearance for a long time.

Enjoy More Foods

Dentures are not real teeth, and with some dentures, you are aware of just how different they are. Some dentures can limit your ability to eat. You may be limited to soft foods. Many people find they just prefer to take their dentures out when they eat rather than deal with the limitations of their dentures.

High-quality dentures are designed to mimic the function of your natural teeth as well as their appearance. Implant dentures are especially good for eating. They can restore almost all the bite force of your natural teeth, and they even let you chew normally, not the adapted chewing you need with traditional dentures.

Enjoy Better Health

There are many ways that high-quality dentures can improve your health. Of course, eating more different kinds of foods will give you better nutrition, which can definitely improve your health.

Better chewing reduces your risk of digestive problems and impacted food, too.

Increased bite force has been linked to a longer life. And neuromuscular dentures can improve your ability to exercise, which can also help you stay healthy.

Have Longer-Lasting Dentures

High-quality dentures may seem expensive at first, but they’re not really much more expensive once you factor in all the costs of cheap dentures.

High-quality dentures are good investments because they last longer. They’re made of better materials that don’t wear out as fast. They’re also less likely to be broken because you wear them more often. And since they don’t get stained or smelly, you’ll want to keep them longer.

High-Quality Dentures Are Worth the Cost

People often want to know: “How much do high-end dentures cost?” It’s hard to say because dentures are a custom dental prosthesis–they are made individually for you, so the cost of your dentures depends on details we can’t account for without a detailed examination. When you add in the variation between different markets across the country, we can’t tell you in much detail, except to say that high-end dentures likely cost in excess of $2000. 

If this seems like a lot, remember that you will wear high-quality dentures every day, and every day they will improve your life. You will enjoy better confidence in your smile, greater comfort, and better function. And you’ll enjoy those benefits for years to come. That’s why many people believe that high-quality dentures are worth the cost. 

Don’t let your current dentures keep you from enjoying your life. With high-quality dentures, you’ll have a lot more to love about your dentures–and your life.

To learn more about high quality dentures, contact a local FOY ® Dentures denturist near me today.