Make no mistake: dental implants are the best option when you are looking to replace missing teeth. They have the best function, they’re the most secure, and they promote bone health.

But not everybody can or wants to get dental implants. Does this mean that you’re stuck with no better options?

Not quite. There are still ways to make your dentures better with FOY ® are designed to provide better fit, which can improve them in many ways over traditional dentures, although not as much as dental implants.

Active senior man finishing his workout at the gym while talking to a friend. With an active lifestyle, he doesn't want implants which is why dentures are his best option.

Why People Choose against Dental Implants

If dental implants are the best tooth replacement option, why wouldn’t everyone choose them?

Well, sometimes it’s not a choice. Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, although most people are. If  you’re not healthy enough for surgery, have gotten radiation therapy recently, or are at high risk for surgical complications, dental implants might not be right for you.

Another reason people might choose against dental implants is price. While implants are actually a very good investment, they can be expensive, and you can’t always fit them in your budget.

Finally, some people might not like the thought of implant surgery. Implants being placed in the jawbone can make some people nervous. Again, it’s well worth the trade-off, especially with the option of sedation dentistry to help people overcome their anxiety, but not everyone can work their way around to feeling comfortable with the thought of implants.

FOY ® Dentures Are Better Than Traditional Dentures

If you don’t want to get dental implants, FOY ® Dentures can still help you see some improvement in the key areas of security, function, and bone maintenance.

FOY ® Dentures use a different fitting process than traditional dentures. This new scientific fitting process helps ensure that they fit not just on your gums, but in your mouth, and even fit properly with your muscles and facial structure.

This improved fit helps in many ways. The best fit leads to maximum security for your dentures. They are less likely to come out during normal use, even if  you’re talking loudly or laughing.

Dentures that are more secure can function better. Dentures let you bite and chew better when they’re not sliding around in your mouth. And the high tech teeth that FOY ® Dentures use maintain their edge better to provide better cutting and grinding of food.

Finally, while no dentures can stop the bone resorption that naturally happens after you lose your teeth, FOY ® Dentures can help. That’s because poorly fitted traditional dentures can actually speed the rate of bone loss by creating pressure points. Properly fitted FOY ® Dentures eliminate these pressure points so they don’t make bone loss faster.

FOY ® Dentures Can Be Upgraded

While FOY ® Dentures are the next best thing to dental implants, they’re not dental implants. You might later decide that you do actually want implants.

That doesn’t mean you have to give up your beautiful, comfortable FOY ® Dentures designed by Dr. Rod Strickland. No–your FOY ® Dentures can be turned into implant dentures so that you can get the benefit of both approaches.

To learn more about your dentures and implant options, please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist.