senior woman with denture painTooth extraction prior to getting dentures should remove all the parts of the teeth and bones, but sometimes it doesn’t remove them all. Retained parts of bone and teeth under dentures can result in discomfort weeks, months, even years after your extraction. Often, they will work their way out on their own, but they may require surgery.

Why Fragments Occur

Ideally, the teeth would remain intact during extraction, but often it does not. Teeth are more likely to break on extraction if they are decayed, eroded, or cracked already.When the teeth break, your dentist will try to remove all the fragments.

Bone fragments can occur when the tooth is being extracted if it breaks the bone around the socket. Other times, parts of the socket or ridge where the teeth were may break after the extraction, if they were already weak or weakened by the extraction.

Working Them Out

When your body encounters these tooth or bone fragments, it considers them foreign objects and works to remove them the same way it tries to remove splinters. It tries to push them out of the body, which, in this case, means pushing them out through the gums.

As these bone fragments are moving, they may move from a place where they caused no discomfort to a place where they cause discomfort, then to another place where they don’t hurt anymore.

Typically, bone fragments will work their way out in the first 6-8 weeks after teeth are extracted, but sometimes they can begin hurting months or years after your extraction.

Treating Fragments

If you are experiencing discomfort related to your dentures, talk to your dentist. If bone or tooth fragments are the cause of discomfort, you may be told to not wear your dentures for a while to let the fragments finish working themselves out.

However, if bone fragments aren’t working their way out in a reasonable amount of time, you may require surgery to remove them.

Bone and teeth fragments are a rare cause of denture-related pain. Most of the time, denture pain is related to poor denture fit. If you are looking for comfortable dentures that fit properly, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist