Unfortunately, everything that is made is liable to break sometimes, including dentures. If your dentures break, you have to make a decision about whether you should have them repaired or replaced. Here’re some basic guidelines that you can use in making this decision.

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Age of Dentures

The first thing to consider is how old are your dentures. If the broken dentures are ten years old or more, it’s probably time to replace them. If your dentures are just a few years old, you might want to repair them, depend on some of the other factors below.

Severity of Break

How badly damaged are your dentures? If your dentures have been shattered into many pieces, then a repair is probably not feasible, and if it were, it wouldn’t give you quality results. On the other hand, a single broken tooth or a slight chip off from the denture might mean a good choice for repair.

Pay attention to how much force the break has to support. If the broken part is of the entire structure and it has to hold up under the full force of your bite, a repair might not be the best choice.

Cause of Break

If your dentures broke because of an accident, such as dropping them when you were cleaning them or taking them out, then a repair might be a good option. On the other hand, if your dentures broke because they fit poorly, repair isn’t really a good idea. They are likely to break again, and, in the meantime, likely to give you poor service.

Expense of Repair

Next, balance the cost of your denture repair against the cost of a new denture. In general, expect that a repaired denture won’t last as long before it breaks again, and consider that a new denture might last you much, much longer than the first one, especially if you invest in quality dentures.

How Happy Were You with Dentures?

The last question you have to ask yourself is whether you were really happy with the dentures before they broke. Your dentures may have given you poor service before they broke, being uncomfortable and not allowing you to eat all the foods you desired. If this is the case, why throw good money after bad?

Instead, you should treat the broken dentures as a blessing in disguise. It’s true that you didn’t want to spend more money on dentures right now, but think how you would’ve gone on for years being miserable with your poorly fitting dentures, while now you have an opportunity to get dentures that will really make you happy. Remember, your happiness is worth something, too.

If you’re looking for dentures that you will truly be comfortable and confident in, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.