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How Dentures Can Change Your Appearance

Many people think that dentures only impact your appearance when your mouth is open, whether for smiling, talking, or eating. You certainly don’t want dentures that look fake, but the most significant impact dentures can have on your appearance is often for your overall facial appearance. Here’s how dentures can impact your [...]

Make Sure Your Denture Dentist Understands Your Aesthetic Goals

Many dentists don’t consider aesthetics when making dentures. Their attitude may be “something is better than nothing,” but even this simple guideline isn’t always true. Many cheap dentures can look artificial and unattractive. They also don’t retain their appearance for long, becoming stained, worn, or broken. And many cheap dentures may not offer you many [...]

Can Your Dentures Be Too Beautiful?

When considering FOY ® Dentures, one of the things that people worry about is having everyone know that they have dentures. We often talk about how amazingly attractive FOY ® Dentures are, but doesn’t this create a risk that people will know they’re dentures? Not necessarily. For people who are concerned about [...]

People Think Dentures Have to Look Like Dentures, but They Don’t!

When you hear the word dentures, you probably get a very clear image for what they look like. Plastic teeth that are too white or badly stained. Gums that look a fake red, about the same color as wax lips. And they’re never quite in the right place. They make the face look shrunken and [...]

A Combination of Materials Makes Dentures More Attractive

Replicating the appearance of a natural, healthy mouth is a challenge for dentures. Although many of the materials used in dentures can be similar the appearance of your teeth and gums, they don’t look exactly the same. And the problem gets worse when dentures are completely made out of the same material. Although there may [...]