How to Find a Good Denture Dentist

For many dentists, dentures are an afterthought, something that marks the failure of dentistry because patients have previously lost all their teeth. And, with the advent of dental implants, many dentists think that they don’t have to worry about dentures anymore (even though implants need dentures, too). This causes dentists to neglect [...]

Why Won’t My Dentures Stay in?

One of the biggest challenges denture wearers face is dentures that just don’t stay in place. This is very common and faced by many denture wearers every day. However, once you understand the causes, you can see that there are many good solutions to ensuring your dentures will stay in place. [...]

When It’s Time to Give up and Look for a New Denture Dentist

There are many dentists offering dentures, and sometimes when you select your denture dentist, you end up regretting the choice. You might get dentures that don’t fit properly, look bad, don’t function, or break right away. So how do you know when to give up, ask for a refund, [...]

What Are Reasonable Expectations for Dentures?

There are many stories about people who are unsatisfied with dentures. Maybe they don’t fit well. Or perhaps they don’t let a person chew very well. Maybe the complaint is just that they look fake. Often in these cases, a dentist will just shrug their shoulders and say it isn’t their fault. [...]

Do Cheap Denture Practices Make Ends Meet by Abandoning Patients?

It doesn’t happen every day, but it happens more often than it should: dentists closing their practice and abandoning patients. Often, the patients have orders for dentures that they have paid for but never received, or received but couldn’t wear because they fit so poorly. A recent story out of Idaho focuses [...]

Should Dentures Be Required to Declare Where They Were Made?

Your phone. Your shirt. The grapefruit you ate for breakfast. What do they all have in common? You know where they came from. By law, most items imported into the US for sale have to be marked with a country of origin. But not your dentures. As controversy about the role of [...]

Yakity-Yak: Dentures That Talk Back

Dentures have long been a subject of gags. In the days before we had gifs to make denture jokes, we had to rely on a more practical humor. One of the most classic dentures gags is the Yakity-Yak talking dentures. You’ve seen these plastic teeth that click and clack and [...]

Can I Get Dentures That Feel the Right Size?

One common complaint people have about their dentures is that they just feel too big. This can make dentures very uncomfortable to wear. It can lead to irritation of your gums, gagging, and can make it hard to speak clearly. Dentures that are too big can be hard to [...]

PMMA Continues to Shine as a Denture Base Material

Denture materials have come a long way since George Washington’s dentures were made out of ivory, hippo tusk, and, sometimes, human teeth. But for decades we have been making dentures with a base made out of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). And, based on some recent studies, we’ll likely keep using PMMA as a [...]

Scrap Metal Used to Manufacture Dentures in China

Consumer health protections are noticeably more lax in China than in the US. Even as the country is angling to transition to a more modern, consumer-based economy, people often suffer serious consequences because of the lack of oversight into the activities of manufacturers. Although some Chinese products are found to run afoul of US safety [...]

Don’t Settle for the Minimum Number of Teeth in Your Denture

We naturally develop 32 adult teeth in our mouths, but for most of us in the US, four of them are removed, often before they fully develop, leaving us with 28 functional teeth. But many dentures will try to give you fewer teeth than that, sometimes much fewer, rationalizing that they’ve met the [...]

The Unusual, Homemade Dentures of a Backwoodsman

A few weeks ago we talked about a woman who was able to survive in part because of her dentures, but what about finding yourself in a survival situation without dentures? What could you do? You might do what Francis Wharton did: he made his own dentures. An Isolated Backwoodsman Wharton [...]

4 Ways Your Experience Will Be Better with High-End Dentures

If you’re considering investing in high-end dentures, you might not understand the difference in cost and what that means for your denture experience. But it is a very different thing getting fitted for high end dentures versus something that is just affordable. Here’s how. Being Welcomed Your different experience begins the [...]

The Pros and Cons of One-Visit Dentures

If you are considering replacing your dentures or getting your first set of dentures, the possibility of getting your dentures in one visit might seem good. There are some benefits to one-visit dentures, but they also have many drawbacks that must be taken into consideration. PRO: It Is Fast The main benefit of one visit [...]

Why Are Those Dentures Cheap?

If you are considering dentures, you’ve probably already found out that some dentures are much less expensive than others. Before you make a commitment to some dentures that seem like a great deal, you have to realize that none of the dentists offering cheap dentures have some magic wand that they can wave [...]

Bright Ideas from the Past: Adding Uranium to Denture Teeth

Natural teeth have a special glow that denture teeth can have a hard time matching. It's called fluorescence, and it's so important that in the past people thought it was a good idea to add uranium to dentures to help them look more natural. Until they realized just how much radiation it exposed [...]

Ill-Fitting Dentures Are More Likely to Get Lost

Although many denture wearers are unhappy with their dentures, few would actually wish them gone. So even if you're not happy with your dentures, you'll likely replace them if they get lost, which means additional expenses. But this is another way that investing in quality dentures can be smart: if your dentures fit [...]

Realism That Goes All the Way Down: An Attractive Denture Base

Quality dentures have quality teeth as we said last week, but that's only the beginning. When you smile, it's not just your teeth that are on display, but your gums as well, so if you want to have truly realistic dentures, there has to be good craft in the denture base [...]

Making Dentures with Real Bite

Dentures are made up of a number of components, and if the dentures are {{{{link id='54091' text='really going to be quality dentures'}}}}, then those components also have to be quality. And it's these quality components that set FOY® Dentures apart from economy dentures you can pick up at any old denture chain. For [...]

Cheap Dentures Turn into a Fight for a Refund

There are many practices that attempt to lure patients in with a promise of inexpensive dentures, then supply dentures that aren't worth the price because they're unwearable. And then you find yourself in a position where you have to fight to get a refund, which is not always easy. Such was the situation [...]

TANSTAAFL: Free and Cheap Things That Can Cost You a Bundle

"There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch," is an economic truism. Even if something is free to you, there is still a cost that has to be paid by someone. However, with many free things, that "someone" is actually you. Sometimes you pay it in cash, and other times you pay it in [...]

Boil-and-Bite Dentures a Quick and Cheap Alternative for Low-Income People

Using the technology that has for many years been used to make inexpensive mouthguards for sports, a retired California dentist has come up with a way to make inexpensive dentures for lower-income individuals who may have thought that dentures were out of reach. The dentures are inexpensive enough that they are ideal for charities, [...]

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