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Why Won’t My Dentures Stay in?

One of the biggest challenges denture wearers face is dentures that just don’t stay in place. This is very common and faced by many denture wearers every day. However, once you understand the causes, you can see that there are many good solutions to ensuring your dentures will stay in place. [...]

New Insight into How Washington’s Dentures Affected His Appearance

We’ve talked in the past about the dentures of our first president, George Washington. This included dispelling many of the myths about his dentures, such as the fact that they were never made of wood. Now a new dental scholar has looked at Washington’s dentures and called attention to the way they [...]

5 Reasons Not to Spend Another Year with Bad Dentures

If you’re unhappy with your dentures, you have probably been considering replacing them with better dentures that will make you happier. But sometimes it’s a long way from consideration to plan to achieving your goals, and this is probably not the first year you’ve been thinking about making the switch. But if it isn’t, here [...]

Should You Be Worried About the Toxicity of Denture Adhesives?

There are many problems that dentures have to overcome to be successful replacements for your natural teeth. For example, they have to try to look natural using materials that are most definitely unnatural. Solutions to this problem in the past, such as the use of uranium in denture teeth, haven't always been [...]

3 Reasons Why People Want FOY® Dentures

With all the people that have {{{{link id='55663' text='upgraded their dentures to FOY® Dentures' esc_html='false'}}}}, we keep hearing three reasons why they want them: the look, the fit, and being able to chew better. The Look Traditional dentures are often made with cheap materials that look fake. However FOY® Dentures are made with the best [...]

How to Not Be Friends with Your Denture Dentist: Threaten to Shoot Them

It’s been a while since we heard a crazy story of an unsatisfied denture patient. And this one takes the cake! A Florida man was arrested after making detailed threats to come down and shoot the dentist’s office. He couldn’t post his $10,000 bond and was sent to the county jail. But what makes this [...]

DIY Denture Mods Can Be Damaging

It's an unfortunate fact that most denture wearers are unhappy with their dentures. If you're one of them, you might be tempted to try DIY denture modification at home to make them better, especially after your concerns have been dismissed by a cheap denture practice. But modifying your dentures at home [...]

You Don’t Have to Be Afraid of Dentures

Our dentists have seen it many times before: people who have teeth that are in very bad shape. The teeth make it hard to chew. They are often painful, and they may even be a health risk. And, of course, the teeth are not very attractive, so people avoid smiling. But they won’t let their [...]

Emergency Surgery for Man Who Swallowed Dentures While Eating Soup

In the past, we have argued that it’s not good to say that denture wearers should just eat soup because it doesn’t reflect their nutritional and quality of life needs.  However, a new case shows that even eating soup may not be safe with poorly fitting dentures. This man from China swallowed [...]

Understanding Bone Resorption

Bone resorption is the process by which people lose bone mass. It happens to astronauts, the elderly, and especially denture wearers. Bone resorption in your jaw can make it so you don't have enough bone to support dentures, and may cause a fracture in your jaw. If you understand bone resorption, you can work to [...]

How To Properly Use Denture Adhesives

There is some controversy about the use of denture adhesive, also called denture cream. According to the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP), a professional organization of dentists trained to manufacture dentures and other dental prostheses, the best use of denture adhesive is to use none. They say that in properly fitting dentures, no [...]

Dentist Censured for Painful, 5-Hour Implant Denture Fitting Session

One of the problems many denture dentists face with dentures is that the procedure they learned is unscientific and therefore prone to error. And, when errors occur, dentists don’t have a good procedure to track down the errors scientifically. Instead, they keep following the same procedure, not knowing why it isn’t working. A great example [...]

Why Couldn’t Lenny Dykstra Eat with His Expensive New Dentures?

Last week, ex-pro baseball player Lenny Dykstra made the news again, but this time for something less spectacular than his on-field performance. Instead, Dykstra tweeted numerous times about the over 9 hours he spent diving through the trash looking for his dentures (sometimes helped by a wrestling clown--we’re totally serious!) Dykstra lost his dentures after [...]

I Can’t Get or Don’t Want Dental Implants. Can My Dentures Be Better?

Make no mistake: dental implants are the best option when you are looking to replace missing teeth. They have the best function, they’re the most secure, and they promote bone health. But not everybody can or wants to get dental implants. Does this mean that you’re stuck with no better options? Not [...]

Poorly Fitting Dentures Linked to More Bone Problems Than Dental Implants

For many years, we have believed that osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) was strongly associated with dental implant surgery. People who were at high risk for this complication were urged to get removable dentures rather than get dental implants. However, a new study shows that more people develop ostenecrosis of the jaw because of poor [...]

5 Tips for Long-Lasting Implant Dentures

Dental implants can last a lifetime--50 years and more. Not so implant dentures. However, making the right choices can make your implant dentures last longer, perhaps even 30 years. But there’s no guarantee. Dental implants can put more stress on dentures and can cause them to wear out faster if you’re not [...]

What Are Reasonable Expectations for Dentures?

There are many stories about people who are unsatisfied with dentures. Maybe they don’t fit well. Or perhaps they don’t let a person chew very well. Maybe the complaint is just that they look fake. Often in these cases, a dentist will just shrug their shoulders and say it isn’t their fault. [...]

5 Tooth Problems Cheap Dentures Won’t Fix

Although some people have to lose their teeth because they simply can’t be saved, others choose to remove their teeth to get dentures. They’re usually driven to this point by frequent problems with their teeth. They want a solution that is simple and final, something that can give them a break from their teeth problems. [...]

Do Your Dentures Make It Harder to Party Hearty?

We’ve just said goodbye to the holiday party season, and many of us are breathing a sigh of relief. It’s not just that entertaining is such hard work, but, it seems, parties can get to be less fun to attend as we get older. One significant factor in that can be our dentures

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