How to Avoid Losing Dentures at the Hospital

Unfortunately, one of the many effects of the coronavirus pandemic is that more older people are making visits to the hospital. While this might be the best option for treating COVID-19, it can have some negative side effects, such as losing one’s dentures.  In fact, the hospital is the place Where People Lose Their Dentures

How to Make Your Dentures Last

Dentures are not the longest-lasting tooth replacement option. However, they don’t have to wear out too fast. The longer your dentures last, the fewer times you’ll need replacement dentures and need to make visits to the dentist.  Keeping your dentures in good shape makes it more likely they will last the expected 8-10 years [...]

Reasons Why People Need Dentures at a Young Age

Although we often think of dentures as being something people need later in life, some young people lose their teeth and need dentures at a young age. Although it’s not common, there are actually a number of factors that can lead to people losing their teeth and needing dentures.  Dental [...]

Wearing Your Dentures Could Extend Your Life

We know that tooth loss is associated with premature death. There are many potential reasons for the linkage. It could be related to gum disease, poor diet, or reduced bite force contributing to physical and mental aging. However, one of the big unanswered questions that remains is the role [...]

Help! Dry Mouth Makes My Dentures Hurt

Why do your dentures hurt? There are many potential causes of  denture pain, but one of the most common is dry mouth. As common as it is for some people to salivate excessively with dentures, it's even more common for people to have the opposite experience: they have dry mouth (technically known [...]

Have Forced Diet Changes Revealed the Shortcomings of Your Dentures?

These days, many parts of our daily routine have been disrupted, including our diets. Maybe you aren’t able to eat out as much as you used to, or perhaps your local grocery store has been sold out of the foods you used to enjoy. You’ve had to do more cooking at home and eating [...]

3 Reasons Why People Want FOY® Dentures

With all the people that have upgraded their dentures to FOY® Dentures, we keep hearing three reasons why they want them: the look, the fit, and being able to chew better. The Look Traditional dentures are often made with cheap materials that look fake. However FOY® Dentures are made with the best [...]

Reducing Infection Risk with Dentures

Although the novel coronavirus is not the most deadly flu virus, it is new and highly infectious. And older people are at a greater risk. Since many--though not all by any means--of our denture patients are older, we want to make sure they do everything they can to stay safe during this pandemic.  Here are [...]

Top 5 Denture Success Stories

We often focus on dentures that don’t work well, because there are so many applicable stories. Traditional dentures often don’t work well, and this can lead to some interesting situations. There are many denture stories about people who didn't get good results from dentures, such as {{{{link id='4759' text='George Washington'}}}}. But we shouldn’t [...]

Denture Retention Linked to Quality of Chewing and Denture Satisfaction

What makes people happy with their dentures? It turns out that denture fit plays a huge part in that. Especially one type of denture fit: retention.  However, the link isn’t direct. Instead, there’s an important mediating factor: your ability to chew.   Retention: An Important Part of Denture Fit As we’ve talked about before, there [...]

7 Practical Tips If You’re “Too Young for Dentures”

Getting dentures when you're young can be very stressful. But it doesn't have to be a big deal. In fact, it's possible to live a healthy, fun life with dentures. Here are seven tips that can help make the transition easier. Remember You're Not Alone One of the hardest things about having [...]

Where People Lose Their Dentures

Losing your dentures is very annoying. Without your dentures, you can find it harder to eat and speak, even if your dentures weren’t especially good for either of these functions. You can spend a lot of time looking for your dentures. And, unfortunately, if you can’t find your lost dentures, you might end up with [...]

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The Logic and Limits of Cheek Plumpers for Traditional Dentures

One of the most common cosmetic complaints people have about traditional dentures is the sunken appearance it gives their cheeks. This leads to an aged appearance, which makes denture wearers unsatisfied with the way they look wearing dentures.  FOY® Dentures addresses this problem with improved denture fit that lets [...]

DIY Denture Mods Can Be Damaging

It's an unfortunate fact that most denture wearers are unhappy with their dentures. If you're one of them, you might be tempted to try DIY denture modification at home to make them better, especially after your concerns have been dismissed by a cheap denture practice. But modifying your dentures at home [...]

You Don’t Have to Be Afraid of Dentures

Our dentists have seen it many times before: people who have teeth that are in very bad shape. The teeth make it hard to chew. They are often painful, and they may even be a health risk. And, of course, the teeth are not very attractive, so people avoid smiling.  But they won’t let their [...]

Wrinkles around the Mouth and How to Treat Them

Whether it's your dentures or your natural teeth, if you're not getting enough support for your facial tissue, you will begin to see more wrinkles develop. The wrinkles will develop following a predictable pattern, because it's caused by certain changes in the relationships of your tissues caused by a loss of support. Here [...]

Dentures Don’t Have to Feel Like Dentures Anymore, Either

One of the best benefits of the Denture Fountain of Youth® is that “Dentures Don’t Have to Look Like Dentures Anymore!®.”  This is a big relief to many people who have hated the fake appearance of traditional dentures but now have the confidence given by natural-looking FOY® Dentures. But another major complaint people [...]

The Proper Use of Denture Adhesive

There is some controversy about the use of denture adhesive, also called denture cream. According to the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP), a professional organization of dentists trained to manufacture dentures and other dental prostheses, the best use of denture adhesive is to use none. They say that in properly fitting dentures, no [...]

How to Make Sure Your Soft Diet Remains Nourishing

If you have recently had your teeth removed and have been fitted with a temporary denture, you will likely be on a soft diet for a while. Even properly fitting dentures can’t do too much to reduce the initial soreness following tooth extraction, and you can’t expect to get back to biting [...]

New Insight into How Washington’s Dentures Affected His Appearance

We’ve talked in the past about the dentures of our first president, George Washington. This included dispelling many of the myths about his dentures, such as the fact that they were never made of wood. Now a new dental scholar has looked at Washington’s dentures and called attention to the way they [...]