Are Poorly Fitting Dentures Worse in or Out?

Dentures are supposed to be a replacement for your lost teeth. However, many people find that their new dentures don’t fit well and are uncomfortable. This makes them want to not wear them. Not wearing your dentures can lead to problems. Of course, wearing poorly fitting dentures can also cause problems. If [...]

Investigation Causes Texas to Change Policy on Prison Dentures

Last month, an investigation by the Houston Chronicle painted a scathing picture of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s policy for not providing dentures to inmates. Initially, the Department indicated that it would not change the policy. However, now there are signs that the Department has decided to take an immediate about-face and supply more [...]

Are Dolls with Human-Like Teeth Going to Be the Hottest Toys This Christmas?

It’s always hard to know what is going to be the big seller come Christmastime, but Hamleys, the world’s oldest toy shop, predicts that this year will be dominated by imperfect dolls with human-like teeth. These so-called Fugglers are really unlike almost anything on the market because they have sometimes dozens of teeth in their [...]

Grandparents Should Never Be Too Self-Conscious to See Their Grandkids

Grandparents are very important to children. Not only can they offer unconditional love with less emphasis on discipline, they provide a repository of wisdom that is independent of and greater than that offered by parents. Unfortunately, with the rise of nuclear families, fewer and fewer kids are spending time with their grandparents. That makes it [...]

7 Good Reasons to Replace, Not Repair Your Broken Dentures

Did your dentures break? You might be wondering whether you should try to repair your old dentures or replace them with new dentures. This can be a tough decision, but here are five reasons why you might want to replace, not repair your dentures. Dentures Were Old Dentures don’t last forever. Sometimes [...]