Cheap Denture Chains Cause Problems for Patients Coast to Coast

People often choose cheap dentures because they are hoping to save money. However, these cheap denture practices, which often belong to nationwide chains, can end up being very expensive.  Sometimes people end up paying for dentures they never receive. Other times, they get dentures, but the dentures fit and function so poorly they aren’t [...]

How to Get All-Day Comfort from Your Dentures

One of the biggest challenges for dentures is being able to wear them all day, you need Denture Pain. With natural teeth, of course, you think nothing about having them in all day. Once you’ve worn dentures, though, you realize how hard it can be to just make it through [...]

Trial Reveals Limitations of Digital Dentures

Many technologies are moving to digital processes that can make them faster and, in some cases, better. Dentistry is no different. There are many digital technologies in dentistry that represent significant advancements to improve both the experience and the results patients enjoy. Digital dentures are digitally created dentures. Dentists take digital impressions of your [...]

The Benefits of High Quality Dentures

Are you unhappy with your current dentures? If you are, then maybe it’s time to ditch them for a set of high quality dentures. There are many benefits to high-quality dentures like FOY ® Dentures that make them worth the investment. Here are just a few of the [...]

How to Make Sure You’re Getting Good Nutrition with Dentures

We’ve talked for a long time about the potential for dentures to impact your overall health. One of the biggest concerns is that when you have dentures, you might not be able to eat a full range of foods that give you the nutrition you need to stay healthy.  Now a [...]

Can Dentures Cause Ear Pain?

The ear is a complex system that may seem isolated, but it’s integrated with many adjacent parts of the body. For example, tubes connect the ear to the back of your nasal airway. This can expose your ear to a risk of infection, although ear infections are most common in children. But the connection [...]

You Can Usually Take Time to Find the Right Denture Solution for You

It can be a shock when you learn you have to have your teeth pulled and replaced with full dentures. That’s normal. You might need time to process the circumstances and plan what’s next. The good news is that you usually have time to make that plan. Extracting teeth is not normally [...]

How to Find a Good Denture Dentist

For many dentists, dentures are an afterthought, something that marks the failure of dentistry because patients have previously lost all their teeth. And, with the advent of dental implants, many dentists think that they don’t have to worry about dentures anymore (even though implants need dentures, too). This causes dentists to neglect [...]

You’re in Control Every Step of the Way with FOY® Dentures

Many people have a bad experience with getting dentures. This is more than the fact that most dentures don’t fit well, might be painful, and might not provide good function. The experience of getting dentures can make you feel as if the process is very much out of your control. However, when you get [...]

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Common Denture Myths and Misconceptions

About 35 million Americans have no teeth, and approximately 90% wear dentures. Despite the large number of people who wear dentures, many people still misunderstand them. Here are some common myths and misconceptions about dentures that we encounter frequently. Once I Get Dentures, I Won't Have To See the Dentist Or Take Care of [...]

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