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10 Reasons to Buy Used Dentures

On Saturday, a Texas man posted his dentures online for sale. Understandably, people thought this was crazy, and the budget chompers (just $100--like new) got a lot of attention. The listing was shared over 600 times in 24 hours. Most people seemed to be sharing it for the novelty value, but there were a number [...]

From Loose Teeth to Secure Dentures

In the past, dentists were reluctant to recommend that people have their teeth removed and replaced with dentures. That’s because traditional dentures were so loose that people usually lost much of the function of their natural teeth. It was part of a process of more general decline that stemmed from poor diet, infection risk from [...]

Why Do Dentures Wear Out Too Fast?

We know that traditional dentures are not intended to be lifetime restorations. They need to be replaced regularly. But you might have been hoping to get eight years or more out of a pair of dentures, but now your denture is worn down, uneven, or broken after just a few years of [...]

How Dentures Could Change Your Life for the Better

It’s common for people to approach the thought of getting dentures with fear. This is especially true for people who feel they are too young for dentures. But most likely, if your dentist is recommending that you get dentures, it’s going to be the best thing for you. Dentists [...]

How Dentures Can Change Your Appearance

Many people think that dentures only impact your appearance when your mouth is open, whether for smiling, talking, or eating. You certainly don’t want dentures that look fake, but the most significant impact dentures can have on your appearance is often for your overall facial appearance. Here’s how dentures can impact your [...]