The Benefits of High Quality Dentures

Are you unhappy with your current dentures? If you are, then maybe it’s time to ditch them for a set of high quality dentures. There are many benefits to high-quality dentures like FOY ® Dentures that make them worth the investment. Here are just a few of the [...]

Hit the Core Values of FOY® Dentures to Remain Competitive in an Inflationary Market

With high inflation and other economic trends leading to increased fears of a recession, it might seem that the competitive value of the Denture Fountain of Youth® is going down. However, the truth is that FOY® Dentures can still be an appealing purchase for the target market. Putting a strong spin on FOY® Dentures’ [...]

How to Make Sure You’re Getting Good Nutrition with Dentures

We’ve talked for a long time about the potential for dentures to impact your overall health. One of the biggest concerns is that when you have dentures, you might not be able to eat a full range of foods that give you the nutrition you need to stay healthy.  Now a [...]

Can Dentures Cause Ear Pain?

The ear is a complex system that may seem isolated, but it’s integrated with many adjacent parts of the body. For example, tubes connect the ear to the back of your nasal airway. This can expose your ear to a risk of infection, although ear infections are most common in children. But the connection [...]

You Can Usually Take Time to Find the Right Denture Solution for You

It can be a shock when you learn you have to have your teeth pulled and replaced with full dentures. That’s normal. You might need time to process the circumstances and plan what’s next. The good news is that you usually have time to make that plan. Extracting teeth is not normally [...]

How to Find a Good Denture Dentist

For many dentists, dentures are an afterthought, something that marks the failure of dentistry because patients have previously lost all their teeth. And, with the advent of dental implants, many dentists think that they don’t have to worry about dentures anymore (even though implants need dentures, too). This causes dentists to neglect [...]

You’re in Control Every Step of the Way with FOY® Dentures

Many people have a bad experience with getting dentures. This is more than the fact that most dentures don’t fit well, might be painful, and might not provide good function. The experience of getting dentures can make you feel as if the process is very much out of your control. However, when you get [...]

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Common Denture Myths and Misconceptions

About 35 million Americans have no teeth, and approximately 90% wear dentures. Despite the large number of people who wear dentures, many people still misunderstand them. Here are some common myths and misconceptions about dentures that we encounter frequently. Once I Get Dentures, I Won't Have To See the Dentist Or Take Care of [...]

7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Dentures

Ideally, dentures should be long-lasting. However, the reality is that most dentures don’t last as long as  you’d think, and many people find their dentures wearing out faster than they would like. In general, dentists say dentures last 7-10 years. However, many people find their dentures don’t last nearly that long. Instead [...]

Dentures May Help You Feel Younger, Live Longer

Not all of us feel as old as we are. There are a lot of factors that contribute to our perception of age, what scientists refer to as our "subjective age." Dentures influence many of them, and, as a result, they may actually help you live longer, too. How the Right Dentures Can Help [...]

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Talking to Your Dentist about New Dentures

One of the great things about choosing a FOY® Dentures dentist is that they have tremendous experience with helping people get the best dentures for them. Of course, this includes the technical side of dentures: understanding how to perform the necessary measurements and impressions to get dentures that truly fit your [...]

Can You Switch From Implant-Retained to Implant-Supported Dentures?

Many people quickly get fed up with the problems of dentures. The loose fit, the difficulty biting and chewing. The interference with talking and the inability to go out and hang with friends all quickly degrades your quality of life so that it can be hard to take. The next step up from loose [...]

Why Won’t My Dentures Stay in?

One of the biggest challenges denture wearers face is dentures that just don’t stay in place. This is very common and faced by many denture wearers every day. However, once you understand the causes, you can see that there are many good solutions to ensuring your dentures will stay in place. [...]

Are Your Dentures Changing the Way You Eat?

Until they get them, most people don’t realize just how different dentures are from natural teeth. You may realize that they don’t look like natural teeth, but you probably don’t know just how different they are in function from your natural teeth. Once you get them, you know. Especially as you watch your eating [...]

New Insight into How Washington’s Dentures Affected His Appearance

We’ve talked in the past about the dentures of our first president, George Washington. This included dispelling many of the myths about his dentures, such as the fact that they were never made of wood. Now a new dental scholar has looked at Washington’s dentures and called attention to the way they [...]

5 Reasons Not to Spend Another Year with Bad Dentures

If you’re unhappy with your dentures, you have probably been considering replacing them with better dentures that will make you happier. But sometimes it’s a long way from consideration to plan to achieving your goals, and this is probably not the first year you’ve been thinking about making the switch. But if it isn’t, here [...]

Questions You Should Ask a Dentures Dentist

Getting a new pair of dentures isn’t like buying a new pair of shoes. You can’t just order a pair online and know that it’s going to fit and look great. Although we’re sure you could find a pair of dentures online for an affordable price, we don’t recommend that option. Instead, you should [...]

Dentures That Make You Look Younger

For many people, the reality is that dentures make them look older, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The Denture Fountain of Youth® is designed to help you look younger. They rejuvenate your smile with a natural, youthful appearance, and they properly support your face to restore your [...]

7 Ways Dentures Can Negatively Impact Your Appearance

Dentures are supposed to replace your teeth. Ideally, they should fulfill all the functions of your teeth. Often, if you think about the function of your teeth, you might think about chewing. We’ve often talked about the challenges of chewing with dentures.  However, your teeth do much more, including their many contributions to your [...]

Avoid These Denture Mistakes That Can Harm Your Health

If you have lost your teeth, dentures can be a valuable substitute. They can restore the function and appearance of your teeth, letting you live a fuller, happier life. And, as we’ve seen, they can even help you live longer.  Unfortunately, there are also health risks associated with dentures. If not utilized properly, dentures [...]

How to Avoid Losing Dentures at the Hospital

Unfortunately, one of the many effects of the coronavirus pandemic is that more older people are making visits to the hospital. While this might be the best option for treating COVID-19, it can have some negative side effects, such as losing one’s dentures.  In fact, the hospital is the place Where People Lose Their Dentures

How to Make Your Dentures Last

Dentures are not the longest-lasting tooth replacement option. However, they don’t have to wear out too fast. The longer your dentures last, the fewer times you’ll need replacement dentures and need to make visits to the dentist.  Keeping your dentures in good shape makes it more likely they will last the expected 8-10 years [...]

Reasons Why People Need Dentures at a Young Age

Although we often think of dentures as being something people need later in life, some young people lose their teeth and need dentures at a young age. Although it’s not common, there are actually a number of factors that can lead to people losing their teeth and needing dentures.  Dental [...]

Wearing Your Dentures Could Extend Your Life

We know that tooth loss is associated with premature death. There are many potential reasons for the linkage. It could be related to gum disease, poor diet, or reduced bite force contributing to physical and mental aging. However, one of the big unanswered questions that remains is the role [...]

Help! Dry Mouth Makes My Dentures Hurt

Why do your dentures hurt? There are many potential causes of  denture pain, but one of the most common is dry mouth. As common as it is for some people to salivate excessively with dentures, it's even more common for people to have the opposite experience: they have dry mouth (technically known [...]

Reducing Infection Risk with Dentures

Although the novel coronavirus is not the most deadly flu virus, it is new and highly infectious. And older people are at a greater risk. Since many--though not all by any means--of our denture patients are older, we want to make sure they do everything they can to stay safe during this pandemic.  Here are [...]

Top 5 Denture Success Stories

We often focus on dentures that don’t work well, because there are so many applicable stories. Traditional dentures often don’t work well, and this can lead to some interesting situations. There are many denture stories about people who didn't get good results from dentures, such as {{{{link id='4759' text='George Washington'}}}}. But we shouldn’t [...]

Denture Retention Linked to Quality of Chewing and Denture Satisfaction

What makes people happy with their dentures? It turns out that denture fit plays a huge part in that. Especially one type of denture fit: retention. However, the link isn’t direct. Instead, there’s an important mediating factor: your ability to chew. Retention: An Important Part of Denture Fit As we’ve talked about before, there are [...]

7 Practical Tips If You’re “Too Young for Dentures”

Getting dentures when you're young can be very stressful. But it doesn't have to be a big deal. In fact, it's possible to live a healthy, fun life with dentures. Here are seven tips that can help make the transition easier. Remember You're Not Alone One of the hardest things about having [...]

The Logic and Limits of Cheek Plumpers for Traditional Dentures

One of the most common cosmetic complaints people have about traditional dentures is the sunken appearance it gives their cheeks. This leads to an aged appearance, which makes denture wearers unsatisfied with the way they look wearing dentures. FOY® Dentures addresses this problem with improved denture fit that lets [...]

You Don’t Have to Be Afraid of Dentures

Our dentists have seen it many times before: people who have teeth that are in very bad shape. The teeth make it hard to chew. They are often painful, and they may even be a health risk. And, of course, the teeth are not very attractive, so people avoid smiling. But they won’t let their [...]

Wrinkles around the Mouth and How to Treat Them

Whether it's your dentures or your natural teeth, if you're not getting enough support for your facial tissue, you will begin to see more wrinkles develop. The wrinkles will develop following a predictable pattern, because it's caused by certain changes in the relationships of your tissues caused by a loss of support. [...]

Dentures Don’t Have to Feel Like Dentures Anymore, Either

One of the best benefits of the Denture Fountain of Youth® is that “Dentures Don’t Have to Look Like Dentures Anymore!®.”  This is a big relief to many people who have hated the fake appearance of traditional dentures but now have the confidence given by natural-looking FOY® Dentures. But another major complaint people [...]

How To Properly Use Denture Adhesives

There is some controversy about the use of denture adhesive, also called denture cream. According to the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP), a professional organization of dentists trained to manufacture dentures and other dental prostheses, the best use of denture adhesive is to use none. They say that in properly fitting

How to Make Sure Your Soft Diet Remains Nourishing

If you have recently had your teeth removed and have been fitted with a temporary denture, you will likely be on a soft diet for a while. Even properly fitting dentures can’t do too much to reduce the initial soreness following tooth extraction, and you can’t expect to get back to biting [...]

Why Couldn’t Lenny Dykstra Eat with His Expensive New Dentures?

Last week, ex-pro baseball player Lenny Dykstra made the news again, but this time for something less spectacular than his on-field performance. Instead, Dykstra tweeted numerous times about the over 9 hours he spent diving through the trash looking for his dentures (sometimes helped by a wrestling clown--we’re totally serious!) Dykstra lost his dentures after [...]

I Can’t Get or Don’t Want Dental Implants. Can My Dentures Be Better?

Make no mistake: dental implants are the best option when you are looking to replace missing teeth. They have the best function, they’re the most secure, and they promote bone health. But not everybody can or wants to get dental implants. Does this mean that you’re stuck with no better options? Not [...]

4 Reasons Why You Aren’t Happy with Implant Dentures

Often, people represent dental implants as if they’re the solution to all denture-related problems, but they aren’t necessarily. Many times, people find that their implant dentures still cause difficulties. Here are some of the more common complaints people have about implant dentures. Denture Pain Implant dentures can alleviate some [...]

3 Standards You Should Have for Your Dentures

If you are looking at dentures to replace missing teeth, you have probably begun to understand that they come in a wide range of quality. Some dentures are designed to be cheap, which has its place. But if you are looking for dentures that truly give you good results and help you enjoy your life, [...]

5 Tips for Long-Lasting Implant Dentures

Dental implants can last a lifetime--50 years and more. Not so implant dentures. However, making the right choices can make your implant dentures last longer, perhaps even 30 years. But there’s no guarantee. Dental implants can put more stress on dentures and can cause them to wear out faster if you’re not [...]

Do You Have to Stick with Dentures Once You Get Them?

Deciding to lose your teeth is a hard decision. And it’s even harder when you start looking at what to do next. Do you want dentures? Or would it be better to get dental implants? But what happens if you decide to get dentures? Are you stuck with them for the rest [...]

What Are Reasonable Expectations for Dentures?

There are many stories about people who are unsatisfied with dentures. Maybe they don’t fit well. Or perhaps they don’t let a person chew very well. Maybe the complaint is just that they look fake. Often in these cases, a dentist will just shrug their shoulders and say it isn’t their fault. [...]

5 Tooth Problems Cheap Dentures Won’t Fix

Although some people have to lose their teeth because they simply can’t be saved, others choose to remove their teeth to get dentures. They’re usually driven to this point by frequent problems with their teeth. They want a solution that is simple and final, something that can give them a break from their teeth problems. [...]

The Impact of Inadequate Lip Support from Your Dentures

Our teeth do many things for us. They help us to bite, chew, and speak. They also provide vital support for facial structures like lips. And they stimulate bones to make sure that the bones keep supporting the lips, too. Dentures are supposed to replace all the functions of our natural teeth. They can do [...]

Dentures Give Cancer Victim Her Smile Back

In 2017, Anelia Myburgh was diagnosed with jaw cancer. Although surgery saved her life, it also removed most of her upper jaw and part of her lip. However, she now has her appearance completely restored, thanks to a 3D-printed jaw restoration and new dentures. A Worrisome Bump Ms. Myburgh’s problems began with [...]

Are Poorly Fitting Dentures Worse in or Out?

Dentures are supposed to be a replacement for your lost teeth. However, many people find that their new dentures don’t fit well and are uncomfortable. This makes them want to not wear them. Not wearing your dentures can lead to problems. Of course, wearing poorly fitting dentures can also cause problems. If [...]

Investigation Causes Texas to Change Policy on Prison Dentures

Last month, an investigation by the Houston Chronicle painted a scathing picture of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s policy for not providing dentures to inmates. Initially, the Department indicated that it would not change the policy. However, now there are signs that the Department has decided to take an immediate about-face and supply more [...]

Are Dolls with Human-Like Teeth Going to Be the Hottest Toys This Christmas?

It’s always hard to know what is going to be the big seller come Christmastime, but Hamleys, the world’s oldest toy shop, predicts that this year will be dominated by imperfect dolls with human-like teeth. These so-called Fugglers are really unlike almost anything on the market because they have sometimes dozens of teeth in their [...]

Grandparents Should Never Be Too Self-Conscious to See Their Grandkids

Grandparents are very important to children. Not only can they offer unconditional love with less emphasis on discipline, they provide a repository of wisdom that is independent of and greater than that offered by parents. Unfortunately, with the rise of nuclear families, fewer and fewer kids are spending time with their grandparents. That makes it [...]

7 Good Reasons to Replace, Not Repair Your Broken Dentures

Did your dentures break? You might be wondering whether you should try to repair your old dentures or replace them with new dentures. This can be a tough decision, but here are five reasons why you might want to replace, not repair your dentures. Dentures Were Old Dentures don’t last forever. Sometimes [...]

Common Cosmetic Complaints about Dentures

We know that most people aren’t happy with their dentures. Dentures can be loose, uncomfortable, and hard to chew with. But dentures can also be unattractive. Why not have the best cosmetic dentures? Here are some of the most common complaints people have about their dentures. My Denture Looks Fake Probably the most [...]

Eat Nutritious Food without Processing

Recently, someone wrote in to the Chicago Sun-Times with a question about trying to eat healthy with their dentures. The expert responded with a clear answer: if you want to eat healthy with dentures, then you need to get used to putting vegetables into the food processor first. However, this is not [...]

Why People Who Hate Dentures Love FOY ® Dentures

If you talk to denture wearers about their dentures, the odds are good that they hate them. But if you ask people about their FOY ® Dentures, and they probably love them. But many FOY ® Dentures wearers used to have regular dentures--and they hated them! So why do people love FOY [...]

3 Innovations That Separate FOY ® Dentures from Traditional Dentures

FOY ® Dentures were developed by Dr. Rod Strickland to address problems with the traditional denture process that led to poor fit. But what are the innovations that make FOY ® Dentures so different from traditional dentures? Here are three key changes in the denture fitting process that help [...]

3D Printing Can Make Dentures Cheaper, but Can It Make Them Better?

One of the exciting developments in manufacturing is 3D printing. Every day, we learn about advancements in 3D printing that make it a more viable technology. In fact, a dentist recently advocated using 3D printing to make dentures. The benefit of these dentures is clear: they can be made more cheaply and easily. However, they [...]

Cosmetic Dentistry Insights That Help FOY ® Dentures Look Best

Cosmetic dentistry is a dynamic science that’s improved dramatically in recent years. But many dentures haven’t benefited from the improvements. They still look like traditional dentures. FOY ® Dentures, though, take advantage of many improvements in cosmetic dentistry to get dentures that look (and feel) better. Here are some of the insights [...]

Quality Dentures Are Easier to Get Used to

Getting dentures is a big change. You used to have teeth and now you have a replacement that may be like your natural teeth--or not. The quality of your dentures can make a big difference in how well you adapt to them. Quality dentures can make the adaptation period shorter and easier. Quality Dentures Are [...]

Answers to Your Questions about Dating and Dentures

Dating isn’t easy under the best of circumstances. So when someone is looking to begin dating for the first time with dentures, it’s not a surprise that they might feel nervous. But let us put you at ease right now: quality dentures won’t cause any problems when you’re dating. They will be just [...]

Do Cheap Denture Practices Make Ends Meet by Abandoning Patients?

It doesn’t happen every day, but it happens more often than it should: dentists closing their practice and abandoning patients. Often, the patients have orders for dentures that they have paid for but never received, or received but couldn’t wear because they fit so poorly. A recent story out of Idaho focuses [...]

4 Reasons Why DNA Dentures Are Dubious

A dentist is claiming to have revolutionized the denture process with a novel addition: using your DNA to help improve the fit of your dentures. We don’t really know much about the process--the news article just says that the dentist “uses a combination of measurements, molds, and equations to help crack the [...]

Why Cheap Dentures Can Cost You Plenty

When it comes to dentures, many people are looking for a bargain. We understand. Dentures can be expensive, especially quality dentures that function properly and don’t look fake. You want to save money by finding a less expensive options. The problem is: cheap dentures aren’t actually less expensive. In fact, they can [...]

10 Reasons to Buy Used Dentures

On Saturday, a Texas man posted his dentures online for sale. Understandably, people thought this was crazy, and the budget chompers (just $100--like new) got a lot of attention. The listing was shared over 600 times in 24 hours. Most people seemed to be sharing it for the novelty value, but there were a number [...]

From Loose Teeth to Secure Dentures

In the past, dentists were reluctant to recommend that people have their teeth removed and replaced with dentures. That’s because traditional dentures were so loose that people usually lost much of the function of their natural teeth. It was part of a process of more general decline that stemmed from poor diet, infection risk from [...]

Why Do Dentures Wear Out Too Fast?

We know that traditional dentures are not intended to be lifetime restorations. They need to be replaced regularly. But you might have been hoping to get eight years or more out of a pair of dentures, but now your denture is worn down, uneven, or broken after just a few years of [...]

How Dentures Could Change Your Life for the Better

It’s common for people to approach the thought of getting dentures with fear. This is especially true for people who feel they are too young for dentures. But most likely, if your dentist is recommending that you get dentures, it’s going to be the best thing for you. Dentists [...]

How Dentures Can Change Your Appearance

Many people think that dentures only impact your appearance when your mouth is open, whether for smiling, talking, or eating. You certainly don’t want dentures that look fake, but the most significant impact dentures can have on your appearance is often for your overall facial appearance. Here’s how dentures can impact your [...]

Implant Dentures Significantly Improve Quality of Life

We know that conventional dentures have problems. And we believe that implant dentures overcome many of these problems. They provide improved stability of dentures, better chewing force, better clarity of speech, and may even be more attractive. But now a new study confirms that these functional improvements result in [...]

Gums Will Grow Over Dentures Left in Too Long

There are many good reasons to remove your dentures regularly for cleaning. It can help you avoid pneumonia, swallowing your dentures, and other health problems. But there’s another very important reason to remove your dentures: if left in too long, your gums can actually grow over your Homepage

Do Dentures Make You Frail?

Recently, many news outlets have been saying that dentures are associated with an increased risk of frailty among the elderly. This is based on a scientific study looking at the link between frailty, dentition, and denture use. However, the study actually came to the opposite conclusion: dentures can actually help people avoid [...]

The Only Gift Denture Wearers Really Want

If you have a denture wearer in your life, you might be considering gift ideas that can make their experience wearing dentures better. This is certainly a great idea, but the truth is that there’s really only one gift that will actually give them a better experience: better dentures. Denture Cleaning Tools [...]

Charles Manson’s Dentures to Go on Display in Las Vegas

After the infamous killer’s death on November 19, Charles Manson’s dentures are going to be on display at the Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, where they will join other items in the Manson display. The Manson Family’s Horrific Crimes The crimes of the Manson family are often described as the worst, most [...]

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Make Sure Your Denture Dentist Understands Your Aesthetic Goals

Many dentists don’t consider aesthetics when making dentures. Their attitude may be “something is better than nothing,” but even this simple guideline isn’t always true. Many cheap dentures can look artificial and unattractive. They also don’t retain their appearance for long, becoming stained, worn, or broken. And many cheap dentures may not offer you many [...]

Can Your Dentures Be Too Beautiful?

When considering FOY ® Dentures, one of the things that people worry about is having everyone know that they have dentures. We often talk about how amazingly attractive FOY ® Dentures are, but doesn’t this create a risk that people will know they’re dentures? Not necessarily. For people who are concerned about [...]

How Dinosaurs Invented the First Dentures

What can animals do when they lose teeth as they get older? Well, you’ve got two choices. They can either starve to death, like elephants do when their last teeth wear out. Or you can replace your teeth, like people do with dentures. Dinosaurs figured this out, too, and since it’s evolutionarily [...]

No Matter What You Call Them, Cheap Dentures Aren’t Good

Nobody really wants to get anything that’s cheap. Sure, you might want to get something for cheap, but we all know that when the product is described as cheap, it’s not going to be good. That’s why people who are offering cheap dentures try to advertise them with many different names. But [...]

Dental Implants Won’t Fix All Denture Problems

Many people are unhappy with their current dentures. And when they’re looking for a solution, they often turn to dental implants. Dental implants can definitely improve your experience with dentures, but they won’t solve all the problems. It’s important to understand what’s really causing your denture problems so you can find a solution [...]

3D Printed Dentures Outperformed Traditional Dentures in Limited Trial

Three dimensional printing is a novel fabrication technique that holds much potential for the future. It is possible that one day 3D printing will become the method of choice for producing dentures, but there are many obstacles to overcome. In a new trial, researchers proved that 3D dentures could be better than [...]

Overuse of Denture Adhesive Paralyzes Man

Denture adhesive is at best a nuisance. It’s a sticky mess, and it never seems to work to really hold your dentures in place. However, it’s important that you not give in to the temptation to use more. It won’t help, and, as one man in the UK recently found out--it can [...]

People Think Dentures Have to Look Like Dentures, but They Don’t!

When you hear the word dentures, you probably get a very clear image for what they look like. Plastic teeth that are too white or badly stained. Gums that look a fake red, about the same color as wax lips. And they’re never quite in the right place. They make the face look shrunken and [...]

How to Get the Right Dentures for Your Personality

In a purely physical sense, dentures have to fit in your mouth, but they also have to fit into your life. Sometimes, this is a harder challenge, and making sure dentures fit your life means taking into account your personality. Physical, Emotional, and Social Needs To be satisfied with your dentures, they have to help [...]

Should Dentures Be Required to Declare Where They Were Made?

Your phone. Your shirt. The grapefruit you ate for breakfast. What do they all have in common? You know where they came from. By law, most items imported into the US for sale have to be marked with a country of origin. But not your dentures. As controversy about the role of [...]

A Combination of Materials Makes Dentures More Attractive

Replicating the appearance of a natural, healthy mouth is a challenge for dentures. Although many of the materials used in dentures can be similar the appearance of your teeth and gums, they don’t look exactly the same. And the problem gets worse when dentures are completely made out of the same material. Although there may [...]

5 Ways Great Dentures Can Help You in the Workplace

We’ve talked a lot about all the things that better dentures can do for you if you’re looking at retirement. But what if you’re not ready to retire? Whether you’re getting dentures relatively young or you’re loving your work too much to quit now, great dentures can really help in the [...]

Yakity-Yak: Dentures That Talk Back

Dentures have long been a subject of gags. In the days before we had gifs to make denture jokes, we had to rely on a more practical humor. One of the most classic dentures gags is the Yakity-Yak talking dentures. You’ve seen these plastic teeth that click and clack and [...]

Are You More Likely to Get HPV If You Have Dentures?

A lot more attention has been focused on the human papilloma virus (HPV) since the introduction of the HPV vaccine. Now that there is a way to prevent this common infection, which has been linked to oral cancer as well as other cancers, people are promoting both the prevention methods and the risks of infection. [...]

Exploring Variations in Denture Demand in the US

The United States is a large, diverse country. We have many different terrains, from the Redwood Forest to the Gulf stream waters, purple mountains majesties above the fruited plains, and more besides. And as diverse as the land is, the people are even more diverse: a microcosm of the world’s population all come here to [...]

The 10 Greatest Denture Gifs on the Web

You can find anything you want on the internet, and these days it’s also most likely available as a gif, video, or meme. Dentures are no exception, with a huge number of viral videos and gifs focused on some of the hilarious things that can happen when you have dentures. We want to call these [...]

Soon Dentures Will Deliver Medications

Because of their poor function and difficulty to clean, traditional dentures have been linked to many health problems. But soon dentures may also be responsible for helping to cure conditions. A researcher at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell is developing a new coating for dentures that will allow them to deliver medications. [...]

Performance Art Encourages Us to Measure Facial Proportions Regularly

Art is intended to give us a different perspective on ourselves. There are many pieces of art that explicitly ask us to consider dentures and our attitude toward them, such as the denture art car or the wall of dentures. But dentures aren’t just something separate from us. Instead, dentures become [...]

Why FOY® Dentures Should Top Your List of Priorities at Retirement

Are you planning for the good life after retirement? If so, you should be factoring FOY® Dentures into your plan. Whether you already have dentures or you know you’re going to need them soon, there are good reasons to put quality dentures at the top of your list for priorities [...]

Expansion of Denture Adhesive Market Seems Unlikely

This is the time of year when new market reports are coming out. These reports claim to be thoroughly researched analyses of the markets they are considering. In many cases, their conclusions seem probable. However, a projection of major growth of 7% per year in the denture adhesive market seems unlikely. Here’s why. Edentulous Population [...]

Satellite Manufacturer Gets Down-to-Earth with Solution for Lost Dentures

There are many potential solutions to the problem of lost dentures. We have given some advice on how to avoid losing your dentures. But now a Minnesota manufacturer of satellite components is looking for a more high-tech solution to the problem. Orbital Tech in the Oral Environment Advanced Space and [...]

Will Oral Cancer Be the Leading Cause of Denture Wear?

Overall, Americans are keeping their teeth longer. In 1962, 49% of Americans aged 65-74 had lost all their teeth. By 2012, that rate had dropped to just 13%, and it’s expected to continue declining. Better techniques for preventing and treating cavities have led to the ability to keep more teeth longer. This means that the [...]

How to Keep from Losing Your Dentures

Lost dentures are a common problem. If you can’t find them, you have to do without, or buy new dentures. If you lose your dentures, you’re also in a race against time: you have to find them before the dog does. So how do you keep from losing dentures? Here are some tips to help [...]

6 Reasons FOY® Dentures Are Better Than a Facelift

If you are considering rejuvenating your facial appearance with a facelift, it’s time to think again. If you have dentures, you might be able to get similar or better results with FOY® Dentures, and you’ll also enjoy the other benefits you get, too. Here’s why FOY® Dentures are a better choice for [...]

More Evidence That Dentures Save Lives

We are coming to understand that dentures aren’t just a cosmetic appliance, although they can be very important to achieving and maintaining an attractive appearance. Instead, we are learning that dentures--especially properly fitting dentures--are essential to health and life as we get older. We learned that objectively assessed Could a Stronger Bite Save Your Life?

Newly Discovered Renaissance Dentures Were Ahead of Their Time

Dentures aren’t a new idea. They’ve been used since the time of the Etruscans and Egyptians. But what’s quite uncommon is the ability to make dentures that were actually functional. However, a newly discovered set of dentures that could be from the 14th century shows that some people were able to make functional [...]

Why Cheap Dentures Give You Less to Be Thankful for

This time of year, most of us are looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner spent with family. Of course, the time off from work is good. And the company is nice. But what we’re really looking forward to is the dinner and all the trimmings. But if you have cheap, poorly fitted, or worn [...]

Coffee Break (with FOY® Dentures)

Global coffee demand hit a record high this year and doesn’t show any signs of slowing in the near future! While the primary demand for coffee is in the age group 19-34 -- who consume about 44% of coffee in this country -- we all want to enjoy our java even as we get older. [...]

Worst Places to Lose Your Dentures

Dentures are supposed to stay in your mouth, but if you have traditional dentures, they often don’t. And this can lead to some embarrassing moments when your dentures come out at inappropriate or inconvenient times. Here are some of the more unusual embarrassing places where people have lost their dentures. On the Road [...]

Are Your Dentures Like Costume Dentures?

It’s Halloween season again, and that means that costumes are popping up everywhere. You can hardly go into any store without seeing costumes and costume accessories out--not a grocery store, department store, or drugstore. And the most jolting accessory of all can be the costume dentures. These costume dentures are usually designed to be exaggerated [...]

Could a Stronger Bite Save Your Life?

No, we’re not talking about scenarios where you’re hanging by your teeth over a chasm of death or some heroic “man bites shark” story. Instead, we’re looking at the real relationship between a person’s ability to bite and chew, and their longevity. A new study shows that among the elderly, a stronger bite is associated [...]

Can I Get Dentures That Feel the Right Size?

One common complaint people have about their dentures is that they just feel too big. This can make dentures very uncomfortable to wear. It can lead to irritation of your gums, gagging, and can make it hard to speak clearly. Dentures that are too big can be hard to [...]

4 Reasons to Store Dentures in Water

Proper denture maintenance is very important. The better care you take of your dentures, the more likely they are to last you a long time. Storing dentures in water is one of the essential steps in proper denture maintenance. Here are some reasons why it’s important to keep your dentures in water. Don’t Let Dentures [...]

Four Etiquette Rules for Dentures

Sometimes we don’t really have a sense of needing something until something makes it painfully obvious. For example, there aren’t good etiquette rules for people with dentures. Perhaps we never had a sense that we needed them until we saw people doing disgusting things with their dentures in public. Like the man who [...]

New Dentures Can Relieve TMJ Symptoms

Have you been experiencing symptoms like a popping jaw, jaw pain, headaches, and neck pain since you got dentures? Or maybe your dentures started out fine, but over time you have developed these kinds of symptoms. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you may have temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), and your dentures might be [...]

Not Wearing Dentures Makes You More Likely to Be Homebound

It’s not just speculation, it’s science: wearing dentures can help you be a more active, more outgoing person as you get older. Especially for people at the younger end of the retirement range, having fewer teeth and not wearing dentures makes you more likely to be homebound. That’s according to a new study [...]

Can My Old Dentures Be Healing Dentures?

If you’re getting implant dentures, you need time for your dental implants to heal. Whenever possible, we will try to attach new dentures to your implants so that you can have a full set of teeth right away. Other times, we may have to cover your implants with gum tissue to protect them [...]

The Beauty Is in the Details: What Makes FOY® Dentures so Attractive

When you had natural teeth, you probably didn’t stand in the mirror for hours looking at the minute details that made them look like beautiful, natural teeth. Or maybe you didn’t have very attractive teeth to begin with. But now that you have dentures, you spend a lot of time looking at them [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Save Dentures for Special Occasions

Dentures are meant to be worn all day every day. They provide many benefits that can help you enjoy a better quality of life. Some people with uncomfortable dentures, though, think of them as something that can only be tolerated for special occasions--like a party dress or old suit you barely fit in--but [...]

Don’t Let Cheap Dentures Prevent You from Enjoying Retirement

It’s a day you’ve worked for all your life: it’s finally time to retire. Putting work aside means you will finally have time to enjoy all the things you never got around to when you had a job. But will you really be able to enjoy them? Maybe not as much if you have cheap [...]

Worried About the Future? Invest In Quality Dentures Today

If you look at the Economic Confidence Index (ECI) survey conducted weekly by Gallup, you’ll see that, overall, it’s pretty low. Admittedly, it’s nowhere near where it was in late 2008, but the recent week’s -15 points doesn’t look good. In this economic climate, it’s understandable that people might be reluctant to invest in quality [...]

PMMA Continues to Shine as a Denture Base Material

Denture materials have come a long way since George Washington’s dentures were made out of ivory, hippo tusk, and, sometimes, human teeth. But for decades we have been making dentures with a base made out of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). And, based on some recent studies, we’ll likely keep using PMMA as a [...]

What Leads to Satisfaction with Dentures?

The truth is that many people are not satisfied with the quality of their dentures. If you are considering your first set of dentures or if you’re looking to replace old dentures, it’s important to consider what really matters for denture satisfaction. Here are some of the factors that we’ve found really matter [...]

4 Reasons Why You Should Soak Your Dentures Overnight

If you want to get the best comfort and performance out of your dentures, you have to take proper care of them. One important step in taking care of your dentures is making sure they’re clean. The best way to clean your dentures is to soak them overnight. Acrylic Dentures Have Pores Dentures [...]

Are Dentures Irritating Your Tongue?

Dentures are supposed to be comfortable. You should be able to put them in when you wake up and keep them in all day--except for maybe a quick cleaning or two--without feeling really uncomfortable. Unfortunately, many dentures are just too uncomfortable to be worn for a full day. They can cause irritation of [...]

Can Dentures Correct an Overbite?

Many of us are unhappy with the appearance of our natural teeth and hope that when we get dentures our concerns can be fixed. In the case of an overbite, we might be able to do something, but if the overbite is too large, more invasive options may have to be considered. Overbite [...]

The Patterns of Bone Remodeling with Denture Wear

If you have lost your teeth, your body will automatically begin to remove the the bone that used to support your teeth. The speed of the bone resorption relates to many different factors, including your own genetic susceptibility to bone loss, your oral health, how well you use your dentures, and Bone Loss and Denture Fit

Scrap Metal Used to Manufacture Dentures in China

Consumer health protections are noticeably more lax in China than in the US. Even as the country is angling to transition to a more modern, consumer-based economy, people often suffer serious consequences because of the lack of oversight into the activities of manufacturers. Although some Chinese products are found to run afoul of US safety [...]

7 Reasons to Consider Non Removable Dentures

If you are considering implant dentures, you have to make many decisions about the best type of dentures to get. One important question to resolve is whether your dentures will be removable or fully fixed. Both are good options, but there are many potential advantages to having your teeth in all [...]

Don’t Settle for the Minimum Number of Teeth in Your Denture

We naturally develop 32 adult teeth in our mouths, but for most of us in the US, four of them are removed, often before they fully develop, leaving us with 28 functional teeth. But many dentures will try to give you fewer teeth than that, sometimes much fewer, rationalizing that they’ve met the [...]

Implant Dentures, A Great Fit

Dentures tend to get a bad reputation due to the abundance of cheaply made and poorly fitting dentures. They affect everyone the same way, even Hollywood stars are not immune to it. Cheap dentures can visibly age you, giving you a sunken appearance and severely limiting your diet. However, it is [...]

How Dentures Can Limit Your Life

According to a recent survey, 34% of all denture wearers feel that having dentures limits their ability to live life to its fullest. However, even more denture wearers have had significant life activities limited by their dentures. Social Life Can Be Awkward Many people with dentures find that their social life is affected [...]

Why Dentures Lead to Sticky or Dry Lips

Dentures are a huge change to your mouth, and they can have very negative consequences for the health and comfort of your lips. Many people with dentures complain about sticky lips or dry lips. This can be related to poorly fitting dentures, and upgrading dentures can help. Dentures Should Support Your Lips Dentures [...]

Choosing a Healthy Diet with Dentures

When many people get dentures, their diet changes dramatically. This can have serious health consequences. Dentures can also make it harder to choose a healthy diet plan. Here are some good tips to help you eat healthy with your dentures. How Dentures Can Lead to Unhealthy Eating There are two major changes that [...]

United Airlines New System Returns Lost Dentures and Other Personal Items

It’s something that happens to about a 100,000 passengers on a United Airlines flight each year, or about one out of every thousand passengers. They’ve left something important behind, such as dentures or another significant personal item like eyeglasses, stuffed animals, books, and more. In the past, a small percentage of these items [...]

Benefits of Probiotics for Denture Wearers

You may think caring for your mouth stops when you get dentures, but the truth is that the struggle for oral health goes on. You may not have to worry about tooth decay, but there are still concerns about the possibility of gum disease and denture stomatitis, caused by [...]

Are Carrie Fisher’s Dentures Distracting?

As the top movie in the US, The Force Awakens brings back many of the favorite characters from the original trilogy of Star Wars, including Princess Leia. She has lost her regal title, and is now known as General Leia Organa. The Force Awakens takes place about 30 years after the events of Return of [...]

Maintaining Good Oral Health with Dentures

Oral health is still very important after you have lost your teeth. Maintaining good oral health will help you live a happy, active, and productive lifestyle. Here are some instructions for keeping your mouth healthy with dentures. Keep Dentures Clean Just as with your natural teeth, it’s important to keep your dentures clean. [...]

Are Hybrid Dentures Right for You?

If you are considering your options for implant dentures, it’s important to understand that there are actually many types of implant dentures that you can choose from. Among them is the hybrid denture, which combines the benefits of true implant-supported dentures and removable dentures. How Hybrid Dentures Work Hybrid dentures are [...]

Color Matching Gives Great Results for Denture Wearers of All Ethnicities

When making dentures for you, it’s important that your dentist prioritize aesthetics so that you can get the attractive dentures you desire. Your dentures should look natural and not be identifiable as being false teeth. For denture wearers of all ethnicities, the Denture Fountain of Youth® offers good color matching [...]

What Is a Denture Reline?

Dentures are designed to be long-lasting restorations, but after a while you might notice that your denture isn’t fitting as well as it used to. When that happens, you need a denture reline, a procedure to help refit your dentures because your gums and the bone supporting them continue to shrink after the [...]

Dental Implants Don’t Take Longer Than Dentures

One of the things that keeps people from getting dental implants is the time involved before you get your final results. But what most people don’t know is that it’s actually pretty comparable to how long it takes to get traditional dentures. Immediate Dentures and Healing After your teeth are extracted, [...]

Eat Steak, Even with Dentures

There are many foods that people with dentures think they’re never going to be able to eat again. Top among these is steak. But there’s no reason to despair -- you can eat steak with dentures, if you treat the steak and your dentures right. Here’s a guide to enjoying steak with [...]

Denture Stomatitis: It’s Complicated

Denture stomatitis is one of the most common complaints people have about wearing their dentures. The red, inflamed gums make wearing dentures uncomfortable. Most of the time, stomatitis is related to the development of a Candida fungal infection, so it’s important to understand how Candida interact with the other living things in your [...]

Dentures: Vanishing Art or Flourishing Science?

We have recently come across another journal article talking about the decline of the art of denture manufacture among dentists. The article talks about how dental implants have made many dentists and dental schools put less emphasis on the design, fit, and manufacture of removable dentures. This is certainly true of the common [...]

The Fountain of Youth: An Eternal Myth Made Real

In the US, we learn the story of the Fountain of Youth early. We are told it was the reason why the first European settlement in the US. Supposedly, in 1513, Ponce de Leon came to Florida and settled in St. Augustine as part of his search for the Fountain of Youth. [...]

The Unusual, Homemade Dentures of a Backwoodsman

A few weeks ago we talked about a woman who was able to survive in part because of her dentures, but what about finding yourself in a survival situation without dentures? What could you do? You might do what Francis Wharton did: he made his own dentures. An Isolated Backwoodsman Wharton [...]

4 Ways Your Experience Will Be Better with High-End Dentures

If you’re considering investing in high-end dentures, you might not understand the difference in cost and what that means for your denture experience. But it is a very different thing getting fitted for high end dentures versus something that is just affordable. Here’s how. Being Welcomed Your different experience begins the [...]

The Pros and Cons of One-Visit Dentures

If you are considering replacing your dentures or getting your first set of dentures, the possibility of getting your dentures in one visit might seem good. There are some benefits to one-visit dentures, but they also have many drawbacks that must be taken into consideration. PRO: It Is Fast The main benefit of one visit [...]

Dentures Helped Save the Life of Missing Illinois Woman

Missing for nine days in the woods with no food or water, with deadly heat and raging storms every day, people worried that 50-year-old Illinois woman Roberta Wallace might be dead. But when volunteers found her last week, they found that she owed her survival at least partly to her Homepage

Why Are Those Dentures Cheap?

If you are considering dentures, you’ve probably already found out that some dentures are much less expensive than others. Before you make a commitment to some dentures that seem like a great deal, you have to realize that none of the dentists offering cheap dentures have some magic wand that they can wave [...]

“Fun Denture Tortures” Used to Market Adhesives in the Philippines

We had mentioned before the extraordinary story of a local denturist in the Philippines who served a very needy community. It turns out his wasn't the only one in the country as the Philippines has the highest per capita rate of denture use in Asia. The edentulous rate in the Philippines is about [...]

Connecticut Grandma Blows Out Dentures Instead of Birthday Candles

There's a new viral video making the rounds this week featuring a Connecticut grandma celebrating her 102nd birthday. What makes this video such a must-see is that when she tries to blow out the big 1-0-2 candles, she blows out her dentures instead. Didn't Want to Wear Adhesive As with [...]

Bright Ideas from the Past: Adding Uranium to Denture Teeth

Natural teeth have a special glow that denture teeth can have a hard time matching. It's called fluorescence, and it's so important that in the past people thought it was a good idea to add uranium to dentures to help them look more natural. Until they realized just how much radiation it exposed [...]

Why Dentures Can Interfere with Speech

We've talked before about how dentures can interfere with speech, but what are the mechanisms, and why can't some people adapt to speaking with their dentures? This depends in part on you and how you speak, but it can also be due to problems with your dentures. Problem 1: Dentures Change Resonance One [...]

Take Your Dentures Out to the Ballgame

All across the nation last week, first pitches marked the return of America's pastime. And as the parks opened, millions of Americans flocked to see the Boys of Summer reenact that age-old ritual that so many of us enjoyed as children and look forward to passing on to our own children and grandchildren. But will [...]

A Very Satisfied FOY® Dentures Patient

FOY® Dentures have the ability to make a huge difference in people's lives. And you don't have to take our word for it, you can hear it from the people who have benefited from them. For example, Mary Claghorn received her FOY® Dentures from Philadelphia-area dentist Dr. Ken Siegel. Deciding on FOY® Dentures [...]

Denture Comfort Depends on Healthy Gums

When you had teeth, your gums enfolded the teeth and helped protect them against bacteria. Now, your gums have another job that is just as important: supporting your dentures. Your gums weren't really designed for this work--it was always teeth and bones that were tasked with chewing--but they can do it, ably and [...]

Help, I’ve Been Told My Jaw Won’t Support Dentures Anymore!

One of the problems denture wearers face is the loss of bone from the ridge that used to support the teeth and the jawbone as a whole. Although this affects all denture wearers, poorly fitting dentures can accelerate the problem. And some people may find that they are in [...]

Cheap Dentures Turn into a Fight for a Refund

There are many practices that attempt to lure patients in with a promise of inexpensive dentures, then supply dentures that aren't worth the price because they're unwearable. And then you find yourself in a position where you have to fight to get a refund, which is not always easy. Such was the situation [...]

Your Smile Can Still Be Your Smile with Dentures

We all want to look good, but more than that, we all want to look like ourselves. We don't want to look like carbon copies of other people, even in the name of beauty. We want some combination of attractiveness that is unique to us, that reflects our individual personality. And few things are more [...]

Another Reason to Soak Them: Man Swallows Dentures in Sleep

Taking proper care of your dentures means removing them at night for a thorough cleaning and soak. Although in the past it was considered okay to wear dentures overnight, we are realizing more and more that such a choice can lead to negative consequences. Most serious, of course, is the

Denture Care Tips If You Have Arthritis

Proper denture care is essential for the health and long life of dentures. Proper denture care can help you prevent minor nuisances like bad breath as well as more serious problems like gum disease and stomatitis. Unfortunately, denture care can be much harder if you have arthritis. Here are [...]

A Flexible Future for Dentures?

Over their extraordinary history, dentures have been made of many different materials. George Washington’s Dentures Made Him Reluctant to Talk, Changed His Face, for example, though never made out of wood, were made of bone, ivory, human teeth, and many other materials at different points in his life. And then there was the invention of vulcanized dentures, which were [...]

How FOY® Dentures Dentists Respect Patients

Many denture dentists don't respect their patients. They assume that someone who wants dentures is someone who didn't care for their natural teeth and just want a cheap solution to a serious problem. They assume that a denture patient is someone with little self-respect, few ambitions, and is prepared to settle for a [...]

Can I Reline My Dentures at Home?

These days, there are DIY kits available for practically anything, including relining your dentures. Relining is a procedure that is intended to take dentures that don't fit any longer because of bone resorption and other changes in the mouth. This is a procedure that should be left to the dentist, not attempted at [...]

Malnutrition an Unrecognized Risk in Seniors

According to a newly published report by the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) malnutrition is an unrecognized danger to the health of seniors. Appearing in the GSA's newsletter, the report focuses on how malnutrition contributes to serious risks for seniors, and what can and should be done to help. An Epidemic among Seniors Previous reports [...]

Woman Needs Dentures to Support Her Family

This week, the Charleston Daily Mail published a story in its Neediest Cases Appeal that focused on a woman in West Virginia who needs dentures to get a job. Limited Sources of Income A relatively young woman, age 31, says that her lack of teeth is making it hard for her to [...]

Dentures Help Control Inflation in Singapore

We know that properly fitting dentures can help you eat a lot of different foods, but we had no idea they were capable of taking a bite out of inflation. But it turns out that in Singapore they did just that last month. An Inflation Problem In recent years, Singapore has [...]

What Makes People Satisfied with Dentures?

A new study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association looks in detail at the factors that go into making people satisfied with their dentures. Some of it is obvious, and some of it surprising. An In-Depth Analysis of Denture Performance The study looked at 33 randomly selected people with full [...]

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Thief Arrested after Leaving Teeth at the Scene

It's not exactly that we want to say better-fitting dentures will make you better at a life of crime, but it sure does seem that way. Poorly fitting dentures seem like nothing but trouble. And here's a case in point: a British burglar who was arrested after leaving his false teeth behind at [...]

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