5 Tooth Problems Cheap Dentures Won’t Fix

Although some people have to lose their teeth because they simply can’t be saved, others choose to remove their teeth to get dentures. They’re usually driven to this point by frequent problems with their teeth. They want a solution that is simple and final, something that can give them a break from their teeth problems. [...]

The Impact of Inadequate Lip Support from Your Dentures

Our teeth do many things for us. They help us to bite, chew, and speak. They also provide vital support for facial structures like lips. And they stimulate bones to make sure that the bones keep supporting the lips, too. Dentures are supposed to replace all the functions of our natural teeth. They can do [...]

Dentures Give Cancer Victim Her Smile Back

In 2017, Anelia Myburgh was diagnosed with jaw cancer. Although surgery saved her life, it also removed most of her upper jaw and part of her lip. However, she now has her appearance completely restored, thanks to a 3D-printed jaw restoration and new dentures. A Worrisome Bump Ms. Myburgh’s problems began with [...]

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Are Poorly Fitting Dentures Worse in or Out?

Dentures are supposed to be a replacement for your lost teeth. However, many people find that their new dentures don’t fit well and are uncomfortable. This makes them want to not wear them. Not wearing your dentures can lead to problems. Of course, wearing poorly fitting dentures can also cause problems. If [...]

Investigation Causes Texas to Change Policy on Prison Dentures

Last month, an investigation by the Houston Chronicle painted a scathing picture of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s policy for not providing dentures to inmates. Initially, the Department indicated that it would not change the policy. However, now there are signs that the Department has decided to take an immediate about-face and supply more [...]

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