Top 5 Denture Success Stories

We often focus on dentures that don’t work well, because there are so many applicable stories. Traditional dentures often don’t work well, and this can lead to some interesting situations. There are many denture stories about people who didn't get good results from dentures, such as {{{{link id='4759' text='George Washington'}}}}. But we shouldn’t [...]

George Washington’s Dentures Made Him Reluctant to Talk, Changed His Face

Of all the wearers of dentures, George Washington is probably the most famous. We tell many stories about Washington that are false. For example, the false story of the cherry tree (with its ironic assertion, "I cannot tell a lie.") It's true that George Washington did have dentures. However, he never had [...]

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Newly Discovered Renaissance Dentures Were Ahead of Their Time

Dentures aren’t a new idea. They’ve been used since the time of the Etruscans and Egyptians. But what’s quite uncommon is the ability to make dentures that were actually functional. However, a newly discovered set of dentures that could be from the 14th century shows that some people were able to make functional [...]

Is an Overbite “Natural”?

In designing your Fountain of Youth Dentures®, we will strive to produce a natural-looking bite, which will include a slight overbite. Why? Because overbites are common in our society, even though they may technically not be “natural.” What Determines the Position of Your Teeth Our teeth grow and develop in [...]

The Fountain of Youth: An Eternal Myth Made Real

In the US, we learn the story of the Fountain of Youth early. We are told it was the reason why the first European settlement in the US. Supposedly, in 1513, Ponce de Leon came to Florida and settled in St. Augustine as part of his search for the Fountain of Youth. [...]

The Unusual, Homemade Dentures of a Backwoodsman

A few weeks ago we talked about a woman who was able to survive in part because of her dentures, but what about finding yourself in a survival situation without dentures? What could you do? You might do what Francis Wharton did: he made his own dentures. An Isolated Backwoodsman Wharton [...]

WWI Dentures Identified by Suction Cup

Last week, President Barack Obama honored two overlooked World War I soldiers with medals of honor. The soldiers, whose families have long campaigned for their recognition, were ostensibly not recognized because of their ethnicity--one was African-American and the other was Jewish. But it isn't just in the US where people are working to give honor [...]

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