How to Make Your Dentures Last

Dentures are not the longest-lasting tooth replacement option. However, they don’t have to wear out too fast. The longer your dentures last, the fewer times you’ll need replacement dentures and need to make visits to the dentist.  Keeping your dentures in good shape makes it more likely they will last the expected 8-10 years [...]

Reducing Infection Risk with Dentures

Although the novel coronavirus is not the most deadly flu virus, it is new and highly infectious. And older people are at a greater risk. Since many--though not all by any means--of our denture patients are older, we want to make sure they do everything they can to stay safe during this pandemic.  Here are [...]

Gums Will Grow Over Dentures Left in Too Long

There are many good reasons to remove your dentures regularly for cleaning. It can help you avoid pneumonia, swallowing your dentures, and other health problems. But there’s another very important reason to remove your dentures: if left in too long, your gums can actually grow over your Homepage

How to Keep from Losing Your Dentures

Lost dentures are a common problem. If you can’t find them, you have to do without, or buy new dentures. If you lose your dentures, you’re also in a race against time: you have to find them before the dog does. So how do you keep from losing dentures? Here are some tips to help [...]

4 Reasons to Store Dentures in Water

Proper denture maintenance is very important. The better care you take of your dentures, the more likely they are to last you a long time. Storing dentures in water is one of the essential steps in proper denture maintenance. Here are some reasons why it’s important to keep your dentures in water. Don’t Let Dentures [...]

4 Reasons Why You Should Soak Your Dentures Overnight

If you want to get the best comfort and performance out of your dentures, you have to take proper care of them. One important step in taking care of your dentures is making sure they’re clean. The best way to clean your dentures is to soak them overnight. Acrylic Dentures Have Pores Dentures [...]

Benefits of Probiotics for Denture Wearers

You may think caring for your mouth stops when you get dentures, but the truth is that the struggle for oral health goes on. You may not have to worry about tooth decay, but there are still concerns about the possibility of gum disease and denture stomatitis, caused by [...]

Maintaining Good Oral Health with Dentures

Oral health is still very important after you have lost your teeth. Maintaining good oral health will help you live a happy, active, and productive lifestyle. Here are some instructions for keeping your mouth healthy with dentures. Keep Dentures Clean Just as with your natural teeth, it’s important to keep your dentures clean. [...]

Denture Stomatitis: It’s Complicated

Denture stomatitis is one of the most common complaints people have about wearing their dentures. The red, inflamed gums make wearing dentures uncomfortable. Most of the time, stomatitis is related to the development of a Candida fungal infection, so it’s important to understand how Candida interact with the other living things in your [...]

The Unusual, Homemade Dentures of a Backwoodsman

A few weeks ago we talked about a woman who was able to survive in part because of her dentures, but what about finding yourself in a survival situation without dentures? What could you do? You might do what Francis Wharton did: he made his own dentures. An Isolated Backwoodsman Wharton [...]

Is Silver the Key to Infection-Free Dentures?

Denture-related stomatitis is an annoying but common condition affecting denture wearers. Quality dentures that fit right help prevent infection, and proper denture care can reduce the risk of infection still further. But even with the best-fitting and best-cared for dentures, candida infections can still be a problem. That's why people are [...]

Another Reason to Soak Them: Man Swallows Dentures in Sleep

Taking proper care of your dentures means removing them at night for a thorough cleaning and soak. Although in the past it was considered okay to wear dentures overnight, we are realizing more and more that such a choice can lead to negative consequences. Most serious, of course, is the

Denture Care Tips If You Have Arthritis

Proper denture care is essential for the health and long life of dentures. Proper denture care can help you prevent minor nuisances like bad breath as well as more serious problems like gum disease and stomatitis. Unfortunately, denture care can be much harder if you have arthritis. Here are [...]

Can I Reline My Dentures at Home?

These days, there are DIY kits available for practically anything, including relining your dentures. Relining is a procedure that is intended to take dentures that don't fit any longer because of bone resorption and other changes in the mouth. This is a procedure that should be left to the dentist, not attempted at [...]

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