How to Make Sure You’re Getting Good Nutrition with Dentures

We’ve talked for a long time about the potential for dentures to impact your overall health. One of the biggest concerns is that when you have dentures, you might not be able to eat a full range of foods that give you the nutrition you need to stay healthy.  Now a [...]

Are Your Dentures Changing the Way You Eat?

Until they get them, most people don’t realize just how different dentures are from natural teeth. You may realize that they don’t look like natural teeth, but you probably don’t know just how different they are in function from your natural teeth. Once you get them, you know. Especially as you watch your eating [...]

5 Reasons Not to Spend Another Year with Bad Dentures

If you’re unhappy with your dentures, you have probably been considering replacing them with better dentures that will make you happier. But sometimes it’s a long way from consideration to plan to achieving your goals, and this is probably not the first year you’ve been thinking about making the switch. But if it isn’t, here [...]

How to Make Sure Your Soft Diet Remains Nourishing

If you have recently had your teeth removed and have been fitted with a temporary denture, you will likely be on a soft diet for a while. Even properly fitting dentures can’t do too much to reduce the initial soreness following tooth extraction, and you can’t expect to get back to biting [...]

Eat Nutritious Food without Processing

Recently, someone wrote in to the Chicago Sun-Times with a question about trying to eat healthy with their dentures. The expert responded with a clear answer: if you want to eat healthy with dentures, then you need to get used to putting vegetables into the food processor first. However, this is not [...]

Have Bad Digestion Since You Got Dentures? Here’s Why

Have you noticed more digestive problems since you got your dentures? Unfortunately, that’s not uncommon, especially if you have cheap dentures. Poorly made dentures can lead to many digestive problems. Here’s how, and here’s how high quality dentures can help you overcome the limitations. Improper Chewing Technique Traditional dentures [...]

From Loose Teeth to Secure Dentures

In the past, dentists were reluctant to recommend that people have their teeth removed and replaced with dentures. That’s because traditional dentures were so loose that people usually lost much of the function of their natural teeth. It was part of a process of more general decline that stemmed from poor diet, infection risk from [...]

Could a Stronger Bite Save Your Life?

No, we’re not talking about scenarios where you’re hanging by your teeth over a chasm of death or some heroic “man bites shark” story. Instead, we’re looking at the real relationship between a person’s ability to bite and chew, and their longevity. A new study shows that among the elderly, a stronger bite is associated [...]

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