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Why Couldn’t Lenny Dykstra Eat with His Expensive New Dentures?

Last week, ex-pro baseball player Lenny Dykstra made the news again, but this time for something less spectacular than his on-field performance. Instead, Dykstra tweeted numerous times about the over 9 hours he spent diving through the trash looking for his dentures (sometimes helped by a wrestling clown--we’re totally serious!) Dykstra lost his dentures after [...]

Are Dolls with Human-Like Teeth Going to Be the Hottest Toys This Christmas?

It’s always hard to know what is going to be the big seller come Christmastime, but Hamleys, the world’s oldest toy shop, predicts that this year will be dominated by imperfect dolls with human-like teeth. These so-called Fugglers are really unlike almost anything on the market because they have sometimes dozens of teeth in their [...]

10 Reasons to Buy Used Dentures

On Saturday, a Texas man posted his dentures online for sale. Understandably, people thought this was crazy, and the budget chompers (just $100--like new) got a lot of attention. The listing was shared over 600 times in 24 hours. Most people seemed to be sharing it for the novelty value, but there were a [...]

Yakity-Yak: Dentures That Talk Back

Dentures have long been a subject of gags. In the days before we had gifs to make denture jokes, we had to rely on a more practical humor. One of the most classic dentures gags is the Yakity-Yak talking dentures. You’ve seen these plastic teeth that click and clack and [...]

The 10 Greatest Denture Gifs on the Web

You can find anything you want on the internet, and these days it’s also most likely available as a gif, video, or meme. Dentures are no exception, with a huge number of viral videos and gifs focused on some of the hilarious things that can happen when you have dentures. We want to call these [...]

Macedonian Man Accused of Robbing Graves to Resell Dentures

There's an old joke about two men who are sitting together on a plane—or maybe a train, it's that old. One of the men is having significant pain from his new dentures, and he keeps shifting them around comfortably. After a while, the second man, elegantly dressed in a dark suit, says, "Are [...]

Florida Man Left with Poorly Fitting Dentures after Dentist Arrested

It's a story we've heard too many times before: a person goes to a dentist for help with tooth problems. The dentist recommends pulling teeth, then gives dentures. These dentures don't fit right. The patient returns to get the dentures refit. Perhaps they return several times. But no matter how often they return, [...]

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