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Dentures May Help You Feel Younger, Live Longer

Not all of us feel as old as we are. There are a lot of factors that contribute to our perception of age, what scientists refer to as our "subjective age." Dentures influence many of them, and, as a result, they may actually help you live longer, too. How the Right Dentures Can Help [...]

5 Reasons Not to Spend Another Year with Bad Dentures

If you’re unhappy with your dentures, you have probably been considering replacing them with better dentures that will make you happier. But sometimes it’s a long way from consideration to plan to achieving your goals, and this is probably not the first year you’ve been thinking about making the switch. But if it isn’t, here [...]

Wearing Your Dentures Could Extend Your Life

We know that tooth loss is associated with premature death. There are many potential reasons for the linkage. It could be related to gum disease, poor diet, or reduced bite force contributing to physical and mental aging. However, one of the big unanswered questions that remains is the role [...]

It’s Official: Dear Abby Says You Should Get Quality Dentures for Your Partner

As we get older, we don’t lose our need for human companionship. And these days, as we live longer, many of us see a healthy, loving relationship as essential to our quality of life. Plus with the new ways of finding and getting in touch with old flames, it’s common to rekindle a relationship that [...]

3 Standards You Should Have for Your Dentures

If you are looking at dentures to replace missing teeth, you have probably begun to understand that they come in a wide range of quality. Some dentures are designed to be cheap, which has its place. But if you are looking for dentures that truly give you good results and help you enjoy your life, [...]

Do Your Dentures Make It Harder to Party Hearty?

We’ve just said goodbye to the holiday party season, and many of us are breathing a sigh of relief. It’s not just that entertaining is such hard work, but, it seems, parties can get to be less fun to attend as we get older. One significant factor in that can be our dentures

Grandparents Should Never Be Too Self-Conscious to See Their Grandkids

Grandparents are very important to children. Not only can they offer unconditional love with less emphasis on discipline, they provide a repository of wisdom that is independent of and greater than that offered by parents. Unfortunately, with the rise of nuclear families, fewer and fewer kids are spending time with their grandparents. That makes it [...]

Do Dentures Make You Frail?

Recently, many news outlets have been saying that dentures are associated with an increased risk of frailty among the elderly. This is based on a scientific study looking at the link between frailty, dentition, and denture use. However, the study actually came to the opposite conclusion: dentures can actually help people avoid [...]

Why FOY® Dentures Should Top Your List of Priorities at Retirement

Are you planning for the good life after retirement? If so, you should be factoring FOY® Dentures into your plan. Whether you already have dentures or you know you’re going to need them soon, there are good reasons to put quality dentures at the top of your list for priorities [...]

Satellite Manufacturer Gets Down-to-Earth with Solution for Lost Dentures

There are many potential solutions to the problem of lost dentures. We have given some advice on how to avoid losing your dentures. But now a Minnesota manufacturer of satellite components is looking for a more high-tech solution to the problem. Orbital Tech in the Oral Environment Advanced Space and [...]

More Evidence That Dentures Save Lives

We are coming to understand that dentures aren’t just a cosmetic appliance, although they can be very important to achieving and maintaining an attractive appearance. Instead, we are learning that dentures--especially properly fitting dentures--are essential to health and life as we get older. We learned that objectively assessed Could a Stronger Bite Save Your Life?

Coffee Break (with FOY® Dentures)

Global coffee demand hit a record high this year and doesn’t show any signs of slowing in the near future! While the primary demand for coffee is in the age group 19-34 -- who consume about 44% of coffee in this country -- we all want to enjoy our java even as we get older. [...]

Four Etiquette Rules for Dentures

Sometimes we don’t really have a sense of needing something until something makes it painfully obvious. For example, there aren’t good etiquette rules for people with dentures. Perhaps we never had a sense that we needed them until we saw people doing disgusting things with their dentures in public. Like the man who [...]

Not Wearing Dentures Makes You More Likely to Be Homebound

It’s not just speculation, it’s science: wearing dentures can help you be a more active, more outgoing person as you get older. Especially for people at the younger end of the retirement range, having fewer teeth and not wearing dentures makes you more likely to be homebound. That’s according to a new study [...]

Fountain of Youth Secrets from the Longest-Lived People

We are all of us getting older, but maybe that doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. Maybe if we could discover the secrets of people who live long, healthy lives, we can enjoy better, longer lives. One person who is outspoken on this topic is Dan Buettner, a researcher who has investigated what [...]

Don’t Let Cheap Dentures Prevent You from Enjoying Retirement

It’s a day you’ve worked for all your life: it’s finally time to retire. Putting work aside means you will finally have time to enjoy all the things you never got around to when you had a job. But will you really be able to enjoy them? Maybe not as much if you have cheap [...]

7 Reasons to Consider Non Removable Dentures

If you are considering implant dentures, you have to make many decisions about the best type of dentures to get. One important question to resolve is whether your dentures will be removable or fully fixed. Both are good options, but there are many potential advantages to having your teeth in all [...]

Choosing a Healthy Diet with Dentures

When many people get dentures, their diet changes dramatically. This can have serious health consequences. Dentures can also make it harder to choose a healthy diet plan. Here are some good tips to help you eat healthy with your dentures. How Dentures Can Lead to Unhealthy Eating There are two major changes that [...]

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