Dentures: Vanishing Art or Flourishing Science?

We have recently come across another journal article talking about the decline of the art of denture manufacture among dentists. The article talks about how dental implants have made many dentists and dental schools put less emphasis on the design, fit, and manufacture of removable dentures. This is certainly true of the common [...]

4 Ways Your Experience Will Be Better with High-End Dentures

If you’re considering investing in high-end dentures, you might not understand the difference in cost and what that means for your denture experience. But it is a very different thing getting fitted for high end dentures versus economy dentures. Here’s how. Being Welcomed Your different experience begins the moment you enter [...]

The Pros and Cons of One-Visit Dentures

If you are considering replacing your dentures or getting your first set of dentures, the possibility of getting your dentures in one visit might seem good. There are some benefits to one-visit dentures, but they also have many drawbacks that must be taken into consideration. PRO: It Is Fast The main benefit of one visit [...]

Bad Dentures Cause Wrinkles from Eyes to Chin

You probably think you know all the wrinkles that your dentures are causing. You have seen the ones develop around your mouth, your usual “lipstick lines” turning into deep furrows, maybe even a wide fold at each corner of the mouth. The marionette lines that run from there down to your [...]

TANSTAAFL: Free and Cheap Things That Can Cost You a Bundle

"There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch," is an economic truism. Even if something is free to you, there is still a cost that has to be paid by someone. However, with many free things, that "someone" is actually you. Sometimes you pay it in cash, and other times you pay it in [...]