Many of us are unhappy with the appearance of our natural teeth and hope that getting dentures will fix our concerns. In the case of an overbite, dentures might help, but if the overbite is too large, more invasive options may have to be considered.

Overbite Is Natural

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Of course, it’s important to remember that a slight overbite is natural. It’s the way our teeth develop, partly influenced by the way we eat.

But if your overbite develops too large, it’s not just a cosmetic problem. It can contribute to significant tooth wear and damage because your jaws are not fitting together properly, causing excessive wear on the teeth that are contacting. As a result, people with extreme overbite are more likely to lose teeth and more likely to need dentures.

What Causes Overbite?

Although it might be too late for you, it is possible to help those in your life prevent and correct their overbite before it causes more problems down the line. Genetics is one of the biggest contributors to overbites. Aside from interceptive orthodontics, there’s not much you can do. On the other hand, certain habits can lead to an overbite like thumb sucking.

Traditionally, dentists treat overbites during youth with braces. Without treatment, an overbite can lead to clenching and grinding and TMJ disorders. TMJ disorders come with an array of problems like jaw, face, and neck pain, frequent headaches, and migraines, and damaged teeth.

Not treating your overbite, even after losing your teeth can still result in frequent pain. The jaws still need to come together correctly, otherwise, the jaw joints and surrounding muscles and tissues will remain unbalanced. The right dentures can actually help you resolve your TMJ symptoms.

The Limits of Dentures – Can They Fix Overbite?

Dentures can be designed to correct your overbite to some extent. We can build the denture and angle the teeth in such a way that it significantly reduces the overbite. Most people with an overbite feel happy with the results from this approach.

However, dentures still have to fit over the ridge in the upper or lower jaw where your teeth used to be. This limits the amount of overbite correction that we can do. If we were to attempt too much correction with an extreme overbite, the dentures themselves, and possibly your face, would look off.

Dental Implants Can Help

Another problem with dentures is that they’re just not secure enough to reposition the jaw. Any lateral force on dentures will cause them to become dislodged. With dental implants, however, we have some support. This support means that we can design dentures that will help to correct a malocclusion–teeth that don’t fit together quite right–including overbite. Through constant encouragement of your fixed teeth, your jaw will find its proper relationship, significantly reducing overbite. Dental implants with overbite are one of the best ways to solve your problem.

This is part of what FOY Dentures® was designed to do: correct the bite relationship between the upper and lower jaw to create a more attractive appearance. People with overbites can find relief with FOY® Dentures and finally achieve the comfortable bite they deserve.

More Drastic Measures to Fix Overbite

Of course, even with dental implants, there is a limit to what dentures can do. If your upper jaw is significantly larger than your lower jaw, or if your lower jaw is badly retruded, you may need a more invasive intervention, possibly surgery.

Consider FOY® Dentures to Fix Your Overbite

During your consultation with a FOY® Dentures dentist, you can learn what’s possible for your denture procedure. Resolve your big overbite today with dentures that won’t just address that problem, but will help you look years younger and give you a gorgeous smile you can’t stop showing off.