Like your natural teeth, dentures can become stained over time, causing them to become dingy yellow or gray. But can dentures be whitened like natural teeth? Not really.

Your Best Whitening Method: Regular Care

senior couple relaxing on the couch togetherThe best way to keep your dentures white is to avoid staining in the first place.That means cleaning them properly. Brush them thoroughly every night and soak them with a regular cleaner according to the directions.

You can also get ultrasonic cleaning for your dentures. You can either buy an ultrasonic cleaner for your home or have your denture dentist clean them at your regular visit.

Some sites will recommend that you clean your dentures with either peroxide or bleach to remove stains, but both of these home remedies attack acrylic similar to the way alcohol does. You can get away with brief exposures to these chemicals in dilute form, but never soak your dentures in them because they will damage the acrylic. These might reduce staining, but they can also discolor the denture base.

With regular cleaning, you can hopefully slow the process of staining dentures until your dentures are ready to be replaced anyway.

Better Dentures Are More Stain Resistant

It’s also important to know that better dentures are more resistant to staining than cheaper ones. Cheap dentures have acrylic teeth. These plastic teeth are susceptible to staining as staining molecules penetrate into the plastic. Because these teeth are also not very hard, they can get worn down, not just on the ends of the teeth, but on the sides, too, which takes away their stain resistance and allows even more staining to occur.

Quality dentures are made with advanced high tech teeth. These high tech teeth are highly resistant to staining because they have a glaze that prevents staining molecules from sticking to them, let alone penetrating. And these harder teeth are better at resisting wear, so they keep their glaze longer to stay stain-free for the full lifetime of the dentures. This means these dentures not only look better at first, they look better for longer, too.

If you would like to learn more about how quality dentures give you a better dentures experience, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.