One common complaint people have about their dentures is that they just feel too big. This can make dentures very uncomfortable to wear. It can lead to irritation of your gums, gagging, and can make it hard to speak clearly.

Dentures that are too big can be hard to wear and may lead to you not wanting to wear your dentures at all. Many dentures are bigger than they have to be, and you don’t have to just accept them. You can get dentures that feel more comfortable and fit better with FOY® Dentures and implant dentures.

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Traditional Dentures Have to Be Bigger

Traditional dentures have to be bigger than your natural teeth. Your natural teeth use a very efficient structure to attach to your jawbone. By being embedded in the jawbone, your natural teeth get a lot of strength without requiring a lot of volume in your mouth.

Traditional dentures have two disadvantages compared to natural teeth: all the attachment structure is in your mouth, and that structure is very inefficient. With no volume under the level of your gums, your dentures have to be bigger in the mouth.

And they have to be even bigger because they’re not attached in the jawbone, they’re just held on by suction. Suction is a very weak force, and it depends on surface area for what strength it does have. To get a stronger connection, dentures need to have more surface area. And that makes them bigger and bulkier.

Traditional dentures are usually made with relatively weak material, too. Weak in comparison to your teeth, that is. But in order to avoid breaking with these weaker materials, the dentures need to be thicker, which, again, makes them bigger.

Cheap and Poorly Made Dentures Are Even Bigger

But many dentures are still bigger than they have to be. Here’s why.

Cheap dentures are often made to come in a limited number of sizes. When your dentist fits you with these dentures, they can’t fit the denture too small–it just won’t fit. So they have to go with the next size up. Unless you’re really lucky, that next size up is going to be too big for your mouth.

But a dentist who is custom-fitting your dentures might still be likely to give you dentures that are too big. That’s because they are trying to make dentures more secure by giving you as much suction as possible, so they err on the side of making your dentures too big.

And dentists also know that you’re going to be losing bone from your jaw once you’ve lost your teeth. This will lead to a collapse of your facial structure, which will make you look older than you are. All dentists know this, but most don’t know what to do about it, so they often err on the side of making your dentures bigger because sometimes that helps.

Dentures Can Be a Comfortable Size

But dentures don’t have to be too big. You can get them made just the right size.

Denture dentists trained in the FOY® Dentures process know how to make detailed measurements of your mouth and jaw system. They can “read” the proper position of your mouth and jaw from your muscles to ensure that your dentures are properly fitted. This allows your dentures to replace lost bone without feeling too big. Your face will be restored its youthful proportions, not stretched out by dentures that are the wrong size.

And the quality materials used in FOY® Dentures allow us to remove some of the bulk, too. This helps your dentures be durable and function properly without having extra volume.

But probably the best way to eliminate bulk in dentures is with implant dentures. Implant dentures attach under your gums, in the jawbone, just like natural teeth. That holds your dentures in place with a strong, efficient connection. Implant dentures don’t have to be held in by suction, so they can be almost the same size as your natural teeth.

If you want to learn more about getting the most comfortable dentures, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.