If you’re getting implant dentures, you need time for your dental implants to heal. Whenever possible, we will try to attach new dentures to your implants so that you can have a full set of teeth right away. Other times, we may have to cover your implants with gum tissue to protect them while they heal.

In either event, you will likely have temporary dentures, sometimes called healing dentures, until your implants are ready to support the final denture. Sometimes, these temporary dentures can be the dentures you’re wearing now. But they have to meet strict criteria.

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Balance Matters

Your denture dentist’s biggest concern about healing dentures is that they have to promote healing of your dental implants. If your current dentures are not properly balanced, they can put adverse force on your dental implants, even when those implants are buried underneath your gums.

Remember, the whole reason why your implants are buried is that they’re not stable. When these unstable implants get irregular force from the dentures, they may not heal properly. This can result in delayed healing, poor healing, or even failure of the implants.

If part of the reason why you want implant dentures is because your current dentures are loose or if you’re experiencing denture pain, then it’s likely your current dentures are just not fit to be healing dentures.

Listen to Instructions

Wearing dentures over healing dental implants has a significant risk attached to it. To reduce that risk, we may give you specific instructions about how long you can wear your temporary denture, whether you can or should use adhesive, and what kinds of things you can expect your temporary denture to accomplish. We will give you specific care instructions for your denture and your gums.

If you want to have a successful dental implant procedure, it is vital that you follow these instructions precisely.

Modifications May Be Necessary

It’s also important that your current dentures may require modifications to serve in their new role as temporary dentures. This may include relining, possibly once for fit and once for cushioning. They may have to be adapted to work with your dental implants. With all the modifications, many people find that it’s not worth it to modify their current dentures.

Quality Dentures Can Become Permanent Implant Dentures

Of course, if you already have quality, high-end dentures like FOY® Dentures, it is worth it to adapt them, but not as temporaries. Instead, they can be adapted to become your permanent implant dentures. You may then have other temporary dentures that are worn during the healing process until your dental implants are strong enough to perform under the stresses of permanent dentures.

Protect Your Investment

When you’re getting implant dentures, remember what’s most important: long-term success of your implants. Sometimes trying to adapt your current dentures as healing dentures might reduce the short-term cost, but if it increases the risk of dental implant failure, you’re being penny wise but pound foolish. Your denture dentist will recommend the best approach to achieving your dental implant goals.

To learn more about implant dentures in your area, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.