Deciding to lose your teeth is a hard decision. And it’s even harder when you start looking at what to do next. Do you want dentures? Or would it be better to get dental implants?

But what happens if you decide to get dentures? Are you stuck with them for the rest of your life? Or can you later decide to upgrade to dental implants? You can make many different choices later, if you want. (Though, of course, you can’t currently go back to having natural teeth.)

Benefits of Getting Dental Implants Now

Of course, it’s important to understand the benefits of getting implant dentures now. When you lose your teeth, your body begins to remove the jawbone that used to support them. This means that you’ll never have as much jawbone as you do at the moment your natural teeth. It takes months for the process to take place, but by the time you might have a sense of how you feel about dentures, much of your natural tooth support will be gone.

The other problem is that adapting to dentures means learning different ways to do things like talking and eating. Once you adapt to these new methods, it can be harder to adapt back to eating more normally as you do with dental implants.

You Can Upgrade Dentures Later

For many people, the process of losing their natural teeth can be both traumatic and expensive. They don’t want to spend much on dentures, and may initially decide on cheap dentures. Cheap dentures are the worst choice to start with. They won’t help with many of the problems you faced with damaged teeth. They can accelerate the process of bone loss. And they can look unattractive and feel uncomfortable.

However, even if you initially decide on getting cheap dentures, you can later upgrade to beautiful, comfortable Fountain of Youth Dentures®. When people switch to FOY ® Dentures, they appreciate that their new dentures don’t just improve their smile, but also improves their overall appearance, helping them look much younger with more youthful facial proportions. And they’ll like the greater comfort and the better ability to eat a wide variety of foods.

Switch to Dental Implants

You can also switch to implant dentures after you’ve realized just how poor traditional dentures are in terms of their function, comfort, and appearance. However, because of bone loss, you might have to undergo additional procedures, such as a bone graft to try to restore bone lost to resorption since  your teeth were removed.

However, if you’re having difficulty with your traditional dentures, it’s probably worth it. In addition, FOY® Dentures work great with dental implants. They can either be designed to be implant dentures, or they can be adapted to become implant dentures.

If You’re Ready for an Upgrade

If you are someone who initially thought traditional dentures would be “good enough” for you, you have likely changed your mind. A FOY® Dentures dentist can help you replace those unattractive, uncomfortable, and nonfunctional dentures with a much better option.

Please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today to learn more about the upgrade process.