When considering FOY ® Dentures, one of the things that people worry about is having everyone know that they have dentures. We often talk about how amazingly attractive FOY ® Dentures are, but doesn’t this create a risk that people will know they’re dentures?

Not necessarily. For people who are concerned about this issue, FOY ® Dentures can look so natural that people won’t think anything but that your smile is gorgeous.

FOY ® Dentures patients of Dr. Rod Strickland

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

Let’s be honest: keeping dentures secret isn’t always everyone’s top concern. Some people want the smile that they want, and they don’t care that people will know they’re dentures.

For many people, FOY ® Dentures will be the most beautiful smile of their lives. If you’ve lived your life with an unattractive or unhealthy smile, finally having the chance to just be beautiful is too much to pass up. And, frankly, we can’t blame them. FOY ® Dentures dentists are fully prepared to offer dentures that may appear fake because they are just too attractive–if that’s what you want.

Age-Appropriate Beauty

Most of us, though, would be happy if people just thought we had a beautiful smile, without thinking they were dentures. That’s fine, because decades of science has cosmetic dentistry’s conception of how to make a smile beautiful. Among the insights is looking at the appearance of naturally beautiful smiles of people at all ages to determine how these smiles change over time. We know how to make smiles that look appropriate for your age, so they won’t cause suspicion.

If you’re disappointed at the thought that your smile will just look appropriate for your age, don’t be. Remember, you’ll be benefitting from the rejuvenation provided by FOY ® Dentures, so you’ll look younger than your actual age–and that younger age is what we’ll be targeting with your dentures! So your smile will look dramatically younger, but it will also match organically with your facial age.

Natural Forms, Colors, Textures, and Luster

Another insight from the science of cosmetic dentistry is how to make more natural-looking teeth. Although traditional dentures tend to have just a few tooth designs (or maybe only one), FOY ® Dentures has a wide range of natural tooth forms that can be used for making the teeth. Each tooth can be individually selected to make sure your smile has a natural distribution of teeth.

The colors of the teeth are also able to match a wide variety of natural tooth colors. It will be an attractive shade, but it can vary considerably, so you don’t have the exact same color as everyone else who has FOY ® Dentures. The manufacturing method for the the teeth and gums also ensures that they have the proper texture and, most importantly, luster.

In short, nothing about FOY ® Dentures looks fake, and unless you tell people about your dentures, they’re unlikely to guess that you have dentures. They’ll just admire your beautiful smile.

Almost Too Beautiful

Are you looking for dentures that are almost too beautiful to be believed? Please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today for dentures that are amazing but not in-credible.