When Laura came to our office, Smiles by Design in Redmond, Washington, she had a long list of complaints about her dentures. They didn’t look right, didn’t feel right, and didn’t let her eat comfortably.

Fortunately, FOY® Dentures fixed all the problems she had with her dentures, and now she is among the happiest dentures wearers we know.

Putting the Bite on Her Social Life

Laura found that the poor quality of her dentures had a damaging impact on her life. She began to develop TMJ, a jaw dysfunction that can have far-reaching consequences.

Unhappy with the appearance of her dentures, Laura started avoiding pictures and even just smiling in public because her dentures were constantly falling out.

Laura’s dentures were so bad when she tried to eat that it impacted her social life. She stopped wanting to go out with family and friends. And even when friends came over, she didn’t want to let them see her eat. She would sneak off to eat on her own–in her own home!

Looking in Vain for a Solution

Not one to just accept a situation she didn’t like, Laura sought help for her denture problem. She visited several dentists and even saw prosthodontists, specialists in making replacement teeth. Unfortunately, none of them were able to help her get dentures she could enjoy in their appearance and in their fit.

FOY® Dentures Made the Difference

Dr. Keller After Combined


Dr. Keller Before Combined


When Laura came to our office, though, we knew that FOY® Dentures could help her. Using TENS and other neuromuscular dentistry techniques, we were able to find the optimal fit for her new dentures.

When she got her new dentures, she was delighted at the improvement, and now she is always happy to talk about the life changing nature of her new dentures. Not only is she now able to smile confidently, talk confidently, and even eat confidently, but the new dentures even fixed her TMJ.

Laura has been so sweet to us, we are humbled and happy to have had the joy to work with her.