Clicking dentures can be annoying not just to the denture wearer, but also to people around them. Understanding why your dentures click can help you figure out how to stop it.

woman holding the side of her mouthNervous Clickers

As with people who flip their denture up with their tongue, some people just develop a habit of clicking their dentures. It’s similar to drumming one’s fingers or chewing on the end of a pen, a bad habit that people engage in unconsciously. People who are denture clickers might not be aware that they are doing it. It can be hard to convince them that they’re actually doing it.

If you notice clicking of your dentures, this probably isn’t you. But if other people are telling you that you click your dentures, you should believe them. This isn’t good for your dentures–it keeps them from remaining secure and can increase wear.

Poor Denture Fit

Sometimes your dentures click when you are talking, laughing, or eating because a denture comes loose–normally the lower denture. Poor denture fit is the primary cause of loose dentures.

This is the most common reason why denture wearers complain about denture clicking.

Improper Vertical Dimensions

Another reason why your dentures may click is that the dentures don’t have the right height. Your muscles are programmed to close together at a certain point, and if your dentures don’t come together at that point, they can make a clicking sound. This can happen if your dentures are too tall and come together unexpectedly quickly or if they are too short and don’t come together when expected.

Although your body knows how to reprogram your bite to avoid having your teeth come together too hard, much of the sensory mechanism is in your teeth. This means it can be hard to retrain your bite to avoid clicking–it’s usually easier to replace your dentures.

Neuromuscular Dentures Avoid Clicking

FOY® Dentures are designed to avoid the problems that lead to clicking dentures. Their improved fit helps ensure they won’t slip.

Most importantly, FOY® Dentures are designed using neuromuscular dentistry to properly fit your bite. This means they won’t click–and has the added benefit of helping you look younger.

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