After the infamous killer’s death on November 19, Charles Manson’s dentures are going to be on display at the Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, where they will join other items in the Manson display.

Dentures and your legacyThe Manson Family’s Horrific Crimes

The crimes of the Manson family are often described as the worst, most shocking, and most evil crimes ever committed in the US. The crimes shook America’s sense of security in the late 1960s and made many people feel unsafe in their own homes.

Charles Manson was a lonely child and young man who spent much of his time in reformatory schools and prisons before moving to California in 1967, where he set himself up as a “guru” and soon developed a following of young men and, especially, women. Making their home on an abandoned movie set near Los Angeles, Manson’s extended family of followers engaged in LSD-fueled orgies and listened to Manson preach about the coming end of the world. Reportedly, he described himself as both Jesus and Satan.

Convinced about the coming of the apocalypse, the Manson Family sought to help it along by going on a murder spree, killing seven people in their own homes over two nights. The murders were brutal, inflicted with hundreds of knife wounds as well as a few gunshots. Among the dead was Sharon Tate, wife of director Roman Polanski. Tate was eight months’ pregnant.

The Manson Family wrote in blood on the walls of the homes where the murders occurred, including the words “Helter Skelter,” referring to the Beatles song, which Manson thought held a prophetic vision.

Prison, Death, and Dentures

Although the Manson Family apparently hoped that suspicion for their crimes would fall elsewhere, they were arrested, put on trial, and sentenced to death the following year. The death sentence was abolished in California, and Manson was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

Manson was denied parole 12 times. As he grew old in prison, his health decayed, including his teeth, which were removed. He was issued dentures.

The set of dentures which are going to go on display were supposedly stolen from the killer while he was in the shower. When that inmate got out, he sent them to Manson’s friend, who supposedly teased Manson by sending him pictures of the teeth. Although Manson pleaded for the dentures to be returned, the friend never sent them. (I suppose it shouldn’t surprise us that Charles Manson wouldn’t have very nice friends.)

When Manson died, the possessor of the dentures sold them for display.

Your Dentures May Be Your Legacy

Although we hope that there will never be another crime like the Manson Family murders, the celebrity does remind us that our dentures are considered an extension of our person. As such, they can not only be your first impression, they can be an object that outlives you and is part of the way you are remembered.

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