Although some people have to lose their teeth because they simply can’t be saved, others choose to remove their teeth to get dentures. They’re usually driven to this point by frequent problems with their teeth. They want a solution that is simple and final, something that can give them a break from their teeth problems.

Unfortunately, if you choose cheap dentures, you likely won’t be free of tooth problems. Instead, you’ll just be swapping one set of problems for another.

A cheap set of dentures being dropped in a glass of cleaner. Cheap Dentures can cause a number of problems.

Pain in the Mouth

Unhealthy teeth can be painful. Regular toothaches that respond to heat, cold, or pressure. Or maybe they flare up spontaneously! This drives many people to finally get rid of natural teeth and replace them with dentures in the hopes that these will be more comfortable.

But it may very well not be an improvement. Denture pain is common. Dentures rest on your gums, which are not well suited to dealing with the forces placed on teeth. This can make your dentures as uncomfortable as your natural teeth were. And cheap dentures can be even more painful. Cheap dentures may have pinch points and imbalanced forces that can make your gums sore almost all the time.

Difficulty Chewing

One of the effects of toothaches might be that you had a hard time chewing. However, cheap dentures might actually make this worse.

First, there’s the fact that sore gums might cause you to flinch when biting as much as when you had natural, decayed teeth.

And on top of that, your cheap dentures will be poorly suited for chewing. They’re not well secured in your mouth. This means that you have to chew very carefully, just using up-and-down motions, not the more efficient ovoid motions used with natural teeth. And dentures can’t deliver the same force as natural teeth, which makes it harder to bite and chew many different foods. The result is that you’ll have much less efficient chewing with dentures than you did with natural teeth: even natural teeth in poor condition.

Feeling Self Conscious

Many people want to replace their teeth with dentures because they are unhappy with the unattractive appearance of their natural teeth. This makes them self-conscious and reluctant to smile.

However, cheap dentures might not help with this problem. Because of the way cheap dentures fit and the way that they look, you may end up being just as self-conscious as before. In fact, you might feel more so. Your natural teeth might have looked bad when you smiled, but cheap dentures can impact the appearance of your entire face. You might be more more self-conscious than ever–and not just when you smile.

Looking and Feeling Older

People often feel that their unhealthy teeth make them look–and feel–older. Cheap dentures won’t help with this.

Cheap dentures don’t provide adequate support for your facial tissues. This can cause your cheeks to sag and make your lips fold inward. The result is a significantly aged appearance, including jowls, turkey neck, facial folds, and sunken lips.

Constant Appointments

Another problem people hope to avoid by getting rid of natural teeth is the need for constant dental appointments. However, with cheap dentures, you’ll likely have to keep going back to the dentist as much as before, if not more.

You’ll likely head back a lot to try to get the denture adjusted properly. Many people find that cheap dentures require numerous refits to try to get them right. In fact, some decide that the dentures are just never going to fit, and they fight for a refund, which can be its own challenge.

And even if you achieve a good initial fit, you’ll likely be back often. Cheap dentures can trigger facial changes that mean your dentures can lose their fit quickly.

Trade up from Unhealthy Teeth

If you are unhappy with your natural teeth because they are in poor health, don’t just trade one set of problems for another. Instead, get tooth replacement that actually solves your problems.

FOY ® Dentures look natural and attractive. They can restore your confidence in your smile and help you look and feel younger. Plus, their excellent fit can reduce discomfort.  Implant dentures can help you bite and chew better, and with support from your bones, not your gums, you’ll experience less discomfort.

And with high durability and excellent fit, you won’t need nearly as many adjustments or repairs as you do with cheap dentures.

To learn more about the benefits of investing in quality dentures, please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today.