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St. Louis denture dentist Dr. Chris Hill strives to combine the dental techniques and technologies of today to create better smiles for tomorrow. When he learned of the FOY ® Dentures technique, he knew that this was something he had to add to his dental practice. It would allow him to provide the same quality smiles to his denture patients that he provided to his cosmetic dentistry and full mouth reconstruction patients.

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Dr Chris Hill from City Smiles St Louis

Dr. Chris Hill

Dr. Hill is a native of St. Louis who has traveled far and wide to learn the latest techniques in dentistry so that he can provide the best possible dental care to his patients and his community. He has studied at the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum, the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry, the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), and more. His education is so extensive that he has been honored with fellowships by LVI and the Academy of General Dentistry.

One of the essential missing pieces in his dental education was the ability to provide quality dentures to his patients. Traditional dentures were failing his patients with poor fit and discomfort. They also gave his patients an unattractive smile and made them look older. That’s why he decided that FOY ® Dentures would be a critical addition to his practice and help him deliver the best care to all his denture patients.

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Demand for Dentures in St. Louis

Dr. Chris Hill - DFOY PatientCompared to the rest of the US, St. Louis has a relatively high demand for dentures. The rate of complete tooth loss for people over the age of 65 in St. Louis is 21.6%, significantly higher than the US median rate of 15.8%. Since 13.6% of residents in St. Louis are over the age of 65, and assuming average tooth loss among younger adults, this means that about 6% of people in St. Louis have lost all their teeth, with nearly half of them being below the age of 65.

This means that not only is there extensive demand for dentures in St. Louis, but that many of the people looking for dentures are actually relatively young.

FOY ® Dentures Meet Needs of St. Louis

FOY ® Dentures are an ideal solution to the denture demand in St. Louis. Because these dentures are attractive and natural in appearance, they don’t give away that they are dentures. This is especially important for younger denture wearers who don’t want to be embarrassed among friends who have all their teeth.

FOY ® Dentures also help individuals with dentures maintain a youthful appearance. This is important in a city with a relatively young population and competitive job market. You don’t want to look too old or tired to be a good hire.

In addition, the excellent fit and strong bite support the active, healthy lifestyles that are popular in St. Louis.

Denture dentist Dr. Chris Hill is proud to offer such outstanding dentures to his patients in St. Louis because he knows that these dentures will help people enjoy the outstanding quality of life that the city has to offer.

If you are in St. Louis and looking for a FOY ® Dentures dentist, please contact Dr. Chris Hill today.