Global coffee demand hit a record high this year and doesn’t show any signs of slowing in the near future! While the primary demand for coffee is in the age group 19-34 — who consume about 44% of coffee in this country — we all want to enjoy our java even as we get older. But will dentures affect your ability to enjoy your daily cuppa?

No, but it might take a little bit to adjust.

Will Hot Coffee Damage Dentures?

One thing you may have read is that you can’t drink too-hot beverages with dentures. So does this mean you have to give up your hot coffee?

No, actually, this is probably not an issue. The denture base is usually made of PMMA, which can melt, but the melting point for PMMA is over 300° F, so your coffee is not anywhere near that. It’s possible that dentures could be softened by very hot coffee, but a) this coffee is probably too hot for you to drink, and b) this problem mostly affects dentures made with low-density PMMA, not highly dense dentures like FOY® Dentures.

And, of course, some dentures are made with a fully high tech structure which is completely unaffected by hot coffee.

Don't let dentures stop you from drinking coffee

Will I Be Likely to Burn Myself with Dentures?

Getting the hang of drinking hot coffee with dentures does take a little time. If you have traditional or other unanchored dentures, it may take a bit of practice to seat your dentures properly before beginning to drink.

Also, if you’re someone who uses your teeth to help gauge the temperature of beverages, you’ll have to relearn the skill. Denture teeth can’t distinguish temperatures, so you’ll have to rely on your lips and tongue for this.

Will Coffee Stain My Dentures?

Yes, no, and maybe, depending on the type of dentures you have. Cheap dentures that are made with low-density plastic teeth are highly susceptible to staining. You might want to take these dentures out. It’s hard to whiten dentures, so prevention is really the better part of valor here.

FOY® Dentures are made with advanced high tech teeth. These have a glaze that protects them from staining. It makes them much more stain resistant than your natural teeth. If you care for them properly, these denture teeth should be stain resistant for a decade or more.

The base, however, might be susceptible to staining (thought not as susceptible as some alternatives). High-density PMMA is less susceptible to staining than cheap dentures, but it may still develop stains if you drink a lot of coffee. This won’t be as noticeable as on the teeth, but if you’re concerned, make sure to keep your dentures clean. Finish your coffee break with a glass of water, and consider adding milk to your coffee–it reduces the tendency to get stained.

And, of course, dentures that have a high tech base are pretty completely stain resistant.

Coffee Is Good for Your Gums

There are some reasons to cut down on caffeine consumption as we get older (such as difficulty sleeping), but overall coffee is good for oral health, especially if you don’t overload it with sugar. Consumption of coffee can help you keep your gums healthy.

So keep enjoying your coffee even with dentures, and thanks for joining us for Coffee Break (with FOY® Dentures).

If you want to learn more about the benefits of FOY® Dentures, please contact a local FOY® Denture dentist today.