Dating isn’t easy under the best of circumstances. So when someone is looking to begin dating for the first time with dentures, it’s not a surprise that they might feel nervous. But let us put you at ease right now: quality dentures won’t cause any problems when you’re dating. They will be just like natural teeth, except better for many people with dentures who used to have poor teeth.

For more specific information on detailed concerns, we’re offering this helpful Q & A.

Can my date tell I have dentures?

That depends. Some dentures look more natural than others, so if your dentures look fake, then it’s more likely that your date will be able to tell. But the truth is that even with not-good-looking dentures, your date probably won’t notice the difference on your first date–if your dentures stay in place. Dentures that don’t stay in place are the biggest giveaway.

Will my dentures ruin the date?

Certainly, there are some ways that dentures could end up causing problems on your date. Obviously, if dentures don’t stay in place (or if you actually put them on the table while eating–bad etiquette), they could be distracting. Dentures might also cause problems if they make noises, smell bad, or make it hard for your date to understand you.

Can I learn to speak clearly with my dentures?

With some dentures, speaking is just the same as speaking with your natural teeth. But with some dentures, it might take some time to adapt to learn to speak well. If you’re having trouble, take some time practicing on your own, then with a close friend. You can even try talking on the phone to customer service reps–they have to listen to you, but you’ll get a good idea when they can’t understand you.

When is the best time to tell someone about my dentures?

As with most details about yourself, there’s no established timetable that you should reveal your dentures. But there are some things to consider in order to be fair to your date and not interfere with your potential future relationship.

You don’t have to tell your date about dentures before or on the first date. It’s just not necessary. Take your time and find the right moment to bring them up. It’s possible this will be on the first date, but it doesn’t have to be.

One thing that can ruin a relationship is spending too much time talking about ourselves, especially our health conditions. This peril gets greater as we get older and there are just more little aches and pains to go around. This goes for dentures just the same as it does for bunions or lower back pain. But if a relationship gets to a certain stage, it becomes more natural to talk about your health, and that’s when it’s good to talk about dentures.

On the other hand, it’s always best to tell your date about dentures rather than have them discover that you have dentures. So, if it seems like you’re getting to a situation where your date is naturally going to discover your dentures (like they’re spending the night and you have to take them out to soak), tell them beforehand.

What should I order for a dinner date?

You should definitely order a food that you feel comfortable eating, which depends on your dentures. With quality dentures, this might not be an issue at all. If you’re not sure for your dentures, follow our guide for eating out with dentures.

Can I kiss with dentures in?

People with dentures kiss all the time and love it. But it can be different, depending on how stable your dentures are. You have to make sure that your dentures are seated properly, which you can often accomplish by biting down just before you kiss. And avoid the traditional pucker, since this can cause your dentures to dislodge.

What can I do if my dentures keep me from dating?

Sometimes, dentures might make you so self-conscious that you just don’t like the thought of dating at all. Don’t let dentures limit your life like that. Instead, get dentures that give you the confidence to live your life to the fullest.

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