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Dr. David Lee

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Dr. David Lee

Dr. David Lee

Dr. David Lee is a denture dentist who is constantly evaluating emerging dental methods and technologies, so of course he was very interested to learn about the FOY® Dentures technique. He wants to ensure all his friends and neighbours in Baulkham Hills and surrounding parts of Sydney are able to enjoy beautiful smiles, whether with their natural teeth, dental implants, or dentures.

Dr. Lee began his training as a denture dentist at the University of Sydney, receiving his dental degree in 1992. Since then, he has engaged in ongoing education to help ensure he stays on top of developments in this ever-changing industry. In addition to dental implants and FOY® Dentures, Dr. Lee is a certified provider of several other technologies, including Six Month Smiles. Membership in the Australian Dental Association, the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics, and other organizations help him remain current on new and emerging technologies.

Dr. Lee is not just a denture dentist, he has extensive training using dental implants, is a member of the International Team for Implantology and an accredited member of the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry, but he realizes that dental implants are not for everyone. FOY® Dentures give many patients another option that allows them to get better results than traditional dentures but without the need for surgery. As a denture dentist, Dr. Lee also likes the way the FOY® Denture procedure can be used to create better implant-supported dentures for his patients in Baulkham Hills.

Dr. Lee is married, and he and his wife Kathleen have three children. His hobbies include DJ-ing, and TapOutXT workouts.

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Q&A With Dr. Lee

Why did you decide to start offering FOY® Dentures at your dental practice?
I was frustrated with what we were offering in the form of dentures to our patients. They were totally hit or miss. I also felt that denture wearers seemed to be relegated to receive a lower class or standard of care. When I heard about this new type of dentures that could be offered, I knew right away this was what I had to offer my patients and nothing less.

How is being a denture dentist different with the advent of FOY® Dentures?
My level of confidence as a denture dentist who is able to deliver truly premium dentures has never been higher. I am very comfortable in the knowledge that I am doing the best I can in the care of my denture patients.

What is the most common complaint about economy dentures that you hear as a denture dentist?
The looks – never satisfactory. Also, people complain about the lack of after-care from the economy denture dentist. It’s as if the dentist wants to say, “See, you get what you pay for!”

What advice would you give to a patient who is considering FOY® Dentures versus traditional dentures?
Ask yourself, “How important are my dentures in my life?” That’s a hard question for most of us to answer, so try asking yourself these three questions: Can I get by without smiling naturally? Can I get by with poorly fitting dentures? Can I get by with some difficulty in chewing? If you answered “no” to any of the last three questions, then you need to see a FOY® Dentures dentist.


Denture Options in Sydney

B&A-withMouthThe technology of dentures is literally thousands of years old, and for all that time the complaints about dentures have been the same: they slip, fall out, or make it hard to chew and talk. And, of course, there’s a certain look for people who have dentures: shortened faces, folding in around the mouth, and sunken cheeks and lips.
Dental implant-secured dentures have done great things for the making dentures more stable and functional. Now people with implants don’t have anything to worry about slipping dentures.

But dental implants aren’t for everyone, and FOY® Dentures can give some of the same benefits for people who don’t want dental implants. Better fitting than traditional dentures, they feel more secure and can make it easier to talk and chew. They also don’t speed the loss of jawbone the way poorly fitting dentures can. This makes FOY® Dentures a good intermediate step.

FOY® Dentures also help with something that wasn’t always accounted for in making dental implants: establishing a natural proportion for the face. When making dental implants and traditional dentures, dentists often tried to replicate the tooth proportions that existed at the time the natural teeth were removed, but those teeth have been shortened by age and wear. FOY® Dentures attempt to replicate the tooth proportions of the youthful face, which allows them to give a rejuvenating effect: diminished jowls, better definition of the jawline, less excess skin in the neck, and fuller lips and cheeks. These are benefits that both denture wearers and dental implant recipients appreciate.

FOY® Dentures give people in Sydney and the Baulkham Hills area more options for a better life if they have lost their teeth.