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Are you unhappy with your current dentures? Are they uncomfortable? Do they come out often? Are you forced to limit your diet and give up foods you used to enjoy? You don’t have to deal with the problems of cheap or poorly made dentures anymore. Now Georgia denture dentists are able to offer an improved approach to denture manufacture that leads to better fit, greater comfort, and better function. Plus it can improve the appearance of your face, dramatically turning back the clock to help you look years, even decades younger.

What Makes FOY® Denture Dentists Different

FOY® Dentures, also known as Fountain of Youth Dentures, are designed to give you better fit from your dentures and better function. You’ll enjoy their security and the way it helps your dentures feel more comfortable in your mouth. And, as the name implies, these dentures can help you look younger than traditional dentures. That’s because FOY® Dentures are designed to fully replace your teeth and bones to restore your face to its previous youthful proportions. Georgia denture dentists who use this technique have moved beyond the shortcomings of traditional denture manufacturing.

With FOY® Dentures, you’ll enjoy many benefits, including:

  • More attractive smile
  • More natural smile
  • Better fit
  • Greater comfort
  • Better function
  • Fewer facial folds
  • Reduced jowling and turkey neck
  • More defined chin and neck
  • No sunken denture face

Denture dentists are able to achieve this effect because they dedicate more time and care to fitting your dentures.

Georgia Denture Dentists Dedicated to Your Best Results

One of the big problem with cheap dentures is that they are only profitable with a high volume. Denture dentists who offer these dentures can’t spend much time with patients–they have to move them through quickly to maximize turnover and profits. Other dentists offer traditional dentures that have an outdated approach. These dentists aren’t intentional shortchanging their patients, they may just not know any better. Some are talented and can make this approach work. Others are as unhappy with the dentures they make as their patients.

But denture dentists who apply the FOY® Dentures approach understand how to use a repeatable, scientific approach to denture fitting. This may take more time, but it provides consistent, predictable results.

Northern Georgia Denture Demand

Northern Georgia is comprised of the most mountainous part of the state, including Appalachia, Ridge and Valley, and Blue Ridge areas of the state. This is the area where denture demand is likely to be the highest in the state for many reasons. First of all, this is where some of the oldest population centers are in the state, with many counties having over 20% of their population age 65 and over, and no counties having less than 12% age 65 and over. Some areas in this region also have poor access to preventive care, which can lead to an increased rate of tooth loss.

Atlanta Georgia Denture Dentists

Central Georgia is dominated by the Atlanta Metropolitan area. This is the area of the state with the youngest population overall. It’s also the area that tends to be most affluent and educated, with the best access to preventive care. Although denture demand in this region may be lower, the demand for quality dentures may actually be higher. With fewer denture wearers, those who do wear dentures may be more self-conscious and want to avoid looking like they have dentures.


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Coastal Georgia Denture Dentists

Coastal Georgia has a very diverse population, comprised of natives, transplants, and a regular influx of tourists. The age of the population varies widely. Some areas, such as Savannah, have a relatively young population with only about 12% over the age of 65. Other areas, such as McIntosh County, have nearly 25% of the population over age 65. As with Central Georgia, this demographic clash can create a high demand for quality dentures that look natural and help the wearer achieve a more youthful appearance.


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South Central Georgia Denture Dentists

South Central Georgia begins with the state’s Fall Line Cities–Columbus, Augusta, and Macon, and encompasses the southward region of the state, except for the coastal areas. This region is comprised of a diverse range of communities. The urban areas are relatively youthful and affluent. This includes the state’s youngest county–Chattahoochee County, with only 4.3% of the population over the age of 65. But there are also rural counties with a much older population where denture demand may be much greater.


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