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Are you unhappy with your dentures? Think all denture dentists deliver the same kinds of dentures? Think again. Some Illinois denture dentists have learned a better approach to making dentures, the FOY® Dentures approach. This approach not only improves the fit and function of dentures, it can improve your appearance. The dentures themselves are more attractive because they use the best techniques and materials available for dentures. But they also provide better support than traditional dentures, which can make you look significantly younger. That’s why they’re known as Fountain of Youth Dentures.

What Sets Illinois FOY® Denture Dentists Apart

Many dentists still use a traditional approach to fitting dentures. Although this can sometimes provide reasonable results for many people, it’s inconsistent and many people are unsatisfied. Many dentists who used to make dentures this way have stopped because they were unhappy with the unpredictability of results.

Other denture dentists have embraced the cheap denture philosophy, which provides inexpensive dentures with little regard to quality. The emphasis here is to produce dentures quickly so that they can make profit on the volume of dentures.

However, FOY® Dentures are fitted with a more scientific process. This yields consistent, predictable results, giving a quality fit, time after time. Because the FOY® Dentures fitting approach is comprehensive, the dentures not only fit comfortably, they provide excellent support, which can reduce or eliminate the aging effect of dentures. FOY® Dentures are also manufactured with the best materials available for dentures, which makes them very attractive and durable.

The benefits of the FOY® Dentures approach for patients includes:

  • Better fit
  • Greater comfort
  • Less sliding of dentures
  • More natural smile
  • More attractive smile
  • Reduced wrinkles around the mouth
  • Less jowling
  • Reduced turkey neck
  • No sunken mouth

This makes FOY® Dentures an in-demand solution for those who don’t want others to know they have dentures, want to maintain a youthful appearance, or want to maintain an active, rich lifestyle.

Northern Illinois Denture Demand

Northern Illinois comprises the northern part of the state, except for Chicagoland. This region has some of the oldest population in the state, with Jo Daviess County having over 25 % of the population over the age of 65. Because these rural areas may also have difficulty accessing routine dental care, the denture demand may be higher here than elsewhere in the state. The population over the age of 65 is more likely to need dentures, with 18% of the people in this group having no teeth.

Denture Demand in Western Illinois

Western Illinois received the nickname Forgottonia in the 1960s and 70s because it remained relatively isolated from the rest of the country due to poor funding for infrastructure projects. This disparity in funding was somewhat rectified in the late 70s, but some disparity remained through the digital age. The population of this area tends to be rural, with few metropolitan areas (though quite a few micropolitan areas). Although it tends to skew older, with many counties having 20% or more of the population over the age of 65, there are isolated pockets of younger populations, such as McDonough County, home of Western Illinois University.

Denture Demand in Central Illinois

Central Illinois is generally flat prairie and farmland, but it also includes a number of metropolitan areas.  These metropolitan areas include Springfield, Peoria, Decatur, and Champaign-Urbana. While the rural counties tend to skew older (though not as old as Northern Illinois or Western Illinois), the urban counties skew younger, especially Champaign County, home of the University of Illinois, where only 11.3% of the population is over the age of 65. Contrast that with Shelby County, which as 21% of its population over the age of 65.

Denture Demand in Southern Illinois

Southern Illinois, sometimes known as Little Egypt, is a diverse region. Although in the north it resembles Central Illinois, the terrain shifts more toward the Appalachian hilliness. Along with the geography, the population shifts as well. In the northern part of the region, the population tends to be more youthful, but as one approaches the southeastern border with Kentucky, the population becomes older and more isolated. Some of the oldest counties in the state are in this region, with many having more than 20% over the age of 65. Lack of access to routine dental care may also increase the demand for dentures in this region.

Chicagoland Denture Dentists

Chicagoland is the most populous region in Illinois. It’s made up of Chicago and its many suburbs, comprising the northeast corner of the state. Overall, this region has a relatively youthful population. The population ranges from some of the poorer areas in the state to the most affluent. Although denture demand is likely to be less here, those who do want dentures are more likely to want quality dentures.

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