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Pain from Bad Dentures

Bad dentures—those that are poorly designed, poorly fitted, made of cheap materials, or all three—can cause a lot of discomfort. The most common cause of denture pain is poorly fitting dentures. Dentures that don’t stay in place will slide around in your mouth. The friction of this rubs and irritates denture tissues, and the dentures will hit the sides of your gums, causing sores there.

Dentures that are designed badly won’t properly balance the forces in your mouth. This means that some places in your mouth may be bearing the brunt of your chewing forces, resulting in irritation. You may even notice a rocking motion in your dentures as they shift from one point of force to another.

FOY® Dentures are designed to fit properly, reducing or eliminating movement of the denture as well as sore spots in the mouth. Implant dentures can also be used to help secure your dentures in place.

Pain Caused by an Unhealthy Bite

Your mouth has to adjust to chewing with dentures. If dentures aren’t properly designed, your mouth will have a lot of adjustments to make. These adjustments aren’t always healthy, and they can cause pain because of the way they put too much pressure down on some of your gum tissue.

Fountain of Youth Dentures™ are designed using a complete understanding of how your bite works and how it should work. They won’t require as much adaptation of your chewing, and they will ensure you have a healthy, comfortable bite.

Pain Caused by Denture Infections and Food

Denture pain can also be caused by irritants in the mouth that inflame the gum tissue and make it sensitive. Infections in your mouth, including gum disease but also fungus infections like Candida, can be fostered by poorly fitting dentures that harbor bacteria and fungus.

Denture pain can also be caused by food and drink that gets under the denture when eating. Especially hard particles such as seeds can cause irritation of gum tissue.

FOY® Dentures fit well and help keep foods out. And with proper cleaning they won’t foster infections.

Denture Pain Caused by Bone Structure

Even after your teeth are removed, your bones remain, including the sockets that used to hold your teeth. This shouldn’t be a problem, but if the force of your bite isn’t properly distributed, it can cause excessive pressure on the gums, pinching them down on the bony points.

Fountain of Youth Dentures™ distribute forces properly, reducing the risk that you’ll experience discomfort from bony points.

Pain Caused by Loss of Bone

If you’ve been wearing dentures for a long time and have lost a lot of bone in your jaw, you might have exposed the mental nerve, which runs through your jaw. Normally, it’s protected by the ridge that supports your teeth, called the alveolar ridge, but if the alveolar ridge has been lost due to bone resorption, it may be exposed, which can lead to sharp, shocking pain every time you put pressure on your denture.

FOY® Dentures can help by not speeding bone loss. All the pinch points and forces that cause denture pain can also lead to faster bone loss. By preventing accelerated bone loss, you might never get to the point where your mental nerve is exposed. The best way to avoid bone loss, though, is with implant dentures.

If you would like to learn what’s causing your denture pain and how FOY® Dentures can help, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.

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Why FOY® Dentures

While traditional dentures are a popular option for teeth replacement, FOY® Dentures are the only denture that offers you the level of comfort, customization and confidence that you can get with a dental restoration.

Advantages Over
Traditional Dentures

There is no comparison to the benefits FOY® Dentures give their wearers. Although economy dentures may be tempting because of their cost-saving factors, the added benefit of having a denture that maintains and supports your face as well as allows you to eat whatever you want is much more appealing than one which leads to jawbone deterioration and an aged appearance.