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Denture pain is the result of poor-fitting dentures. Traditional dentures don’t require any advanced training; any dentist can try to make them. They also accelerate jawbone loss; over time, your dentures won’t fit your jaw anymore. Pinching, rubbing, cheek and gum sores, unbalanced bite forces, and stuck food are the consequences of poor-fitting dentures.

Pinching and Rubbing

If your dentures are sliding around in your mouth when you eat, each time you press your teeth together, the plastic gum of the denture will pinch or rub against your natural gums. Eventually, this pinching and rubbing can cause swollen gums and blisters making it even harder to eat and talk. Gum blisters can be tricky to heal because you need to continue to eat. More rubbing and pressure on your blister will enlarge and cause more blisters. If you experience pinching and rubbing from your traditional dentures, don’t accept blisters and swollen gums as your fate. You can choose FOY® dentures and avoid denture pain altogether. Find a FOY® dentist near you.

Cheek and Gum Sores

Your cheeks can suffer from poorly-fitting dentures, too. With the loose denture sliding and rubbing, your cheek tissues can get pinched between the plastic denture gum and your natural gums. Your mouth is the perfect place for bacteria to thrive, and since you may continue to wear your dentures and injure your gums and cheeks, the bacteria and open sore could cause an infection in your mouth. You won’t need to worry about denture pain with dentures that fit.

Unbalanced Bite Forces

Unbalance bite forces cause a lot of trouble for traditional denture wearers. Traditional dentures aren’t designed for motion which is why they don’t function like your natural teeth. The poor fit and sliding puts uneven bite and chewing pressures on your gums and jawbone. Not only does this accelerate jawbone deterioration, but it also makes your gums tender and swollen. One major indication of an unbalanced bite due to poorly fitting dentures is dentures that tip back and forth when you bite down or chew. Your dentures should suction securely to your gums and palate without moving so that when you bite and chew, they stay in place and don’t cause denture pain.

Poorly fitting dentures that cause an uneven bite can create larger problems such as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. Most people call the disorder TMJ, but it’s jaw pain caused by an unbalanced jaw. Over time, poor-fitting dentures cause your jaw muscles to work hard to pull it back into its proper position. This causes inflammation and swelling in the joints, leading to permanent damage if not treated.

You can avoid jaw pain, jawbone deterioration, and TMJ with Fountain of Youth Dentures. Find a FOY® dentist near you.

Food Under Dentures

If your dentures are sliding around and loosely fitted to your gums and palate, you’ll get food under your dentures as you eat. Food trapped under your dentures until you take them out will cause sores and gum inflammation. You’ll also have an elevated risk of gum disease as plaque and tartar form on your gums.

You may experience pain while still eating if you get something hard stuck under your dentures. A piece of a tortilla chip is painful when stuck the wrong way under your dentures! FOY® dentures are designed to move with your mouth so that you won’t get food underneath them.

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Relieve Your Jaw Pain, Headaches, and Neck Pain with Fountain of Youth Dentures

Denture pain doesn’t only happen in your mouth. Denture pain can occur in your jaw, head, and neck. Your muscles are straining to move your jaw back into the proper position. This stress can cause clenching, grinding, and general pulling. You’ll damage your dentures and have headaches, neck pain, and jaw pain.

Some people who develop TMJ from poor-fitting dentures can get migraines that leave them in bed for hours to days. Discover how Fountain of Youth Dentures works differently than traditional dentures.

Choose Comfortable Dentures, Choose FOY®

If you’re tired of denture pain and worried about the complications it poses, we don’t blame you. Your quality of life can severely diminish due to the very thing that was supposed to help you. The Denture Fountain of Youth’s cosmetic dentures are attractive, functional, and comfortable, so you can feel free to talk, eat, and laugh without worry. To get started on your journey to a better quality of life through better dentures, use our provider map to find a FOY® denture dentist near you.

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