If you are looking at dentures to replace missing teeth, you have probably begun to understand that they come in a wide range of quality. Some dentures are designed to be cheap, which has its place. But if you are looking for dentures that truly give you good results and help you enjoy your life, you need to make sure your dentures live up to some basic standards. Here are three standards you should demand of your dentures.

3 old friends laughing and joking on a bench in the warm sun. They are proud of their FOY® Dentures

My Dentures Shouldn’t Embarrass Me

Dentures are supposed to fully replace your natural teeth. One of the vital functions of  your teeth is to present when you smile, talk, or eat. Your dentures should be able to do that without giving you pause. They should look natural.

Your dentures should also be secure in your mouth so they don’t come out when you talk or laugh. You should have the confidence that your dentures are going to be secure and presentable in any social situation.

My Dentures Shouldn’t Make Me Look Older

Dentures are supposed to restore your appearance. When they’re properly made, dentures should help you look younger by restoring the natural proportions of your face. This can reduce or eliminate many features of facial aging, like jowls, wrinkles around the mouth, turkey neck, and more.

But many dentures aren’t made or fit properly. They may not only not restore your youthful proportions, they can accelerate the trends that lead to facial aging. You’ll look older now, and your appearance may age even faster with these poorly made dentures.

My Dentures Shouldn’t Limit Me

The loss of your teeth shouldn’t be the end of your life. You still have many things you want to do, and your dentures should help you do them, not keep you from enjoying your remaining years.

At a minimum, dentures should make it easy for you to enjoy a wide range of foods. This should include your old favorites as well as many new flavors you want to sample and enjoy. Dentures should be secure and they should have strong, sharp teeth.

But poorly made dentures can impact more than just your eating. Your jaw is critical for core stability, and people with poorly fitted dentures–or no dentures–have been shown to have more physical limits. They have a slower walking speed and a weaker hand grip. And, ultimately, they may live shorter lives.

You want dentures that not only help you add more years to your life, but add more life to your years.

FOY® Dentures Set the Standards

In the past, people accepted that dentures just couldn’t live up to standards of function, comfort, and appearance. But with FOY® Dentures, Dentures don’t have to look like dentures anymore!™ And they don’t have to function like them, either. With FOY® Dentures, you will have dentures that are as close to natural teeth as modern dentistry can make them.

FOY® Dentures established a tradition of excellence in dentures that many have tried to imitate, but none have duplicated.

To learn more about what makes FOY® Dentures so special, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.