We’ve talked before about how dentures can interfere with speech, but what are the mechanisms, and why can’t some people adapt to speaking with their dentures?

This depends in part on you and how you speak, but it can also be due to problems with your dentures.

Problem 1: Dentures Change Resonance

Fotolia_41108280_Subscription_Monthly_MOne of the ways that dentures can affect your speech is by changing the resonance chamber in your mouth. Your mouth was a certain size before you got dentures, and now dentures are taking up more of the space in there, which can actually lead to a change in how sounds resonate in your mouth.

This shouldn’t be too much of a problem if your dentures fit well and securely against the roof of your mouth. If dentures are sized properly for your mouth, they should also not change the size of the resonance chamber.

But if your dentures don’t fit properly, they can fill up your mouth too much and make it hard for you to speak.

Problem 2: Dentures Are the Wrong Height

Another problem with dentures is that the teeth can be too tall or too short for your mouth. It can make it hard for your tongue to find the right position in your teeth to make all the sounds of speech.

Sometimes this is just a question of allowing yourself to adapt. Your tongue may find the right positions with more practice. Other times, though, your dentures just aren’t made properly and you’re going to have to find another solution. If you notice that your teeth contact too soon, hit too hard, or if you get sore jaws after eating, your dentures may be at the wrong height.

Problem 3: Dentures Are Loose

People sometimes complain about dentures clicking because they slip out during speech, but this isn’t the only sign your dentures are loose. Dentures that are loose can also interfere with your speech because your tongue is spending so much time trying to control the dentures, meaning it doesn’t have time to focus on speech.

Getting dentures that fit properly is essential to being able to speak clearly. If you think your dentures are interfering with your speech, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today for a consultation.