We’ve just said goodbye to the holiday party season, and many of us are breathing a sigh of relief. It’s not just that entertaining is such hard work, but, it seems, parties can get to be less fun to attend as we get older.

One significant factor in that can be our dentures. Dentures are supposed to be good tooth replacements, but they often fall short. Dentures can make it much harder to enjoy parties than before. This doesn’t just suck the joy out of the parties, it can contribute to feelings that you are older and less healthy than you want to be. If you’re experiencing these effects of poorly fitting dentures, maybe it’s time to consider a high end replacement.

A group of senior citizens celebrating their new FOY Dentures

Hard to Enjoy Food

One of the things that can make parties fun is all the festive holiday foods. But dentures can make it hard to enjoy the special treats at holiday parties. And we’re not just talking that dry turkey at dinner.

Any time you have something you might want to bite into, your dentures can make it hard if not impossible to do. And because dentures are less efficient at chewing, you can find yourself grinding for a long time, which defeats the purpose of cocktail bites. You’re supposed to be able to enjoy a quick bite between drinks and conversation.

Or maybe you’re gulping the food down without chewing it properly, which can make you feel gassy or give you an upset stomach later.

Harder to Be Understood

Have you noticed that it’s harder to be understood at parties than it used to be. Maybe the music’s getting louder, and maybe everybody’s hearing is getting worse. But it’s more likely that you are just having more trouble speaking clearly since you got your dentures.  

You might have noticed this, and are trying to speak louder, but find it difficult to do without spraying or without launching your dentures out of your mouth.

Dentures Get Uncomfortable

Dentures are tooth replacements, but they don’t work quite like natural teeth. Instead of being anchored in the jawbone, they sit on top of your gums.

The problem is: your gums aren’t supposed to have something sitting on them all day. And as that day extends into night, your dentures can start to feel very uncomfortable. This gets even worse if your dentures don’t fit well, but instead pinch and press on your gums.

It’s Harder to Stand

It used to be that you could dance all night without feeling any discomfort. These days, just standing and talking can prove to be painful. You might be tempted to blame this on your back and your legs. While that might be part of the problem, your dentures play a role here, too.

Your teeth help stabilize your body. Dentures should do this, too, but if they don’t fit properly, they can’t provide the same structure and support. Poor support from your dentures forces other parts of your core to work harder, including your back and legs. It’s related to the reasons why people with poorly fitting dentures are more likely to fall, and properly fitting dentures improve walking speed and overall health.

Better Dentures Lead to Better Quality of Life

Being able to party all night might not be your goal for this year, but partying is just one of the parts of your life that are impacted by your dentures. Replacing your dentures can impact your entire life for the better, including making social occasions of any kind more enjoyable.

FOY ® Dentures improve the fit of your dentures, making them more secure and eliminating pressure and pinch points. Plus, they’re more attractive, which can make you less self-conscious about the appearance of your dentures.

Implant dentures can increase the security of your dentures even more. And dental implants put the pressure not on your gums, but on your jawbone like natural teeth.

If you are unhappy with the way your dentures make you feel, we can help. Please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today for an appointment.