You don’t want everyone who looks at you to see only your dentures. Fake looking dentures take attention away from you—you become not yourself, but “that person with the fake-looking dentures.” And fake looking dentures take away your control over who knows about your dentures: it’s a secret you can’t keep. And, perhaps most importantly, fake looking dentures are unattractive. They may be uncannily close to natural or they may be simply unnatural in appearance, but either way they don’t look like a natural, beautiful smile. Dentures don’t have to look fake. When properly made, dentures can be very natural in appearance.

If you want to learn how natural dentures can look, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today for an appointment.

What Makes Dentures Look Natural

Making dentures look natural depends on an understanding of natural tooth aesthetics and the essential principles of quality dentures. There are three main factors that contribute to a natural denture appearance:

  • Natural tooth appearance
  • Natural base appearance
  • Proper denture fit

By managing these three key elements, FOY® Dentures don’t look fake. No one will be able to tell whether you have dentures or not.

Denture Teeth That Don’t Look Fake

Cheap dentures often look fake because of the teeth. Economy dentures are often made using PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) for the entire denture—the base and the teeth. Although PMMA is a durable material and can serve for both the base and teeth, if you look at your teeth and gums, you know how different they look naturally. Having teeth and gums of the same material inevitably makes them both look fake. And the teeth are mass-manufactured so they all look the same—and don’t look like they belong in your mouth.

FOY® Dentures use Phonares teeth, an advanced ceramic tooth developed by a leading maker of materials for porcelain veneers and other cosmetic dentistry restorations. These teeth have the natural luster of tooth enamel. Each tooth is individually designed so it has a unique personality—just like you. And we make sure your teeth fit your smile. They can look just like your natural smile or be the smile you always dreamt of but never had—either way your denture teeth can look like they belong in your mouth.

Denture Bases That Don’t Look Fake

The denture base of cheap dentures—the reddish part that is supposed to mimic your gum tissue—is typically a single color and very flat in appearance. It could be mistaken for wind-up novelty teeth you used to see in toy stores all the time—they’re that bad!

But denture bases don’t have to look that bad. FOY® Dentures are made with a special layering technique that gives your dentures a very natural appearance. They are translucent (partly see-through) like natural gum tissue, and they are customized with a natural gum line between the gums and teeth.

Denture Fit for Natural Appearance

Perhaps the most important aspect of a natural appearance is the fit of your dentures. Improperly fitting dentures just look like they don’t belong in your mouth. They are too large, too tall, or too small. Your face puffs out or folds in around your dentures. Your dentures may be tilted, giving you an off-balance appearance. Even worse, your dentures may slip and click when you talk, cluing everyone in that you have dentures.

But FOY® Dentures are designed to fit your face’s natural proportions. They are the right height, the right width, and they stay put. FOY® Dentures are designed like your natural teeth, and, even better, designed like your natural teeth when you were young. That’s how they give you a “facelift”—restoring your face’s youthful proportions.

If you are looking for dentures that don’t look fake—we can help! Please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.

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Why FOY® Dentures

While traditional dentures are a popular option for teeth replacement, FOY® Dentures are the only denture that offers you the level of comfort, customization and confidence that you can get with a dental restoration.

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Advantages Over
Traditional Dentures

There is no comparison to the benefits FOY® Dentures give their wearers. Although economy dentures may be tempting because of their cost-saving factors, the added benefit of having a denture that maintains and supports your face as well as allows you to eat whatever you want is much more appealing than one which leads to jawbone deterioration and an aged appearance.

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