You don’t want everyone who looks at you to see only your dentures. Fake looking dentures take attention away from you—you become not yourself, but “that person with the fake-looking dentures.” And fake looking dentures take away your control over who knows about your dentures: it’s a secret you can’t keep. And, perhaps most importantly, fake looking dentures are unattractive. They may be uncannily close to natural or they may be simply unnatural in appearance, but either way they don’t look like a natural, beautiful smile. Dentures don’t have to look fake. When properly made, dentures can be very natural in appearance.

If you want to learn how natural dentures can look, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today for an appointment.

Older woman showing off her FOY Dentures. Denture bases don’t have to look that bad. FOY® Dentures are made with a special layering technique that gives your dentures a very natural appearance.