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Traditional Dentures Can Look Fake

Did you know that a form of dentures has been around since the 7th century BC? An ancient civilization fashioned dentures from human and animal teeth. This practice died with the people but reemerged in the 1700s when dentures were made from all sorts of materials; ivory, human teeth, vulcanite, and porcelain. Today, dentures are made from acrylic resin and advanced ceramic materials that are stronger and more natural looking (and more sanitary!). But traditional dentures still have downfalls that make them stick out like a sore thumb. Traditional dentures often look:

  • Too large for your mouth
  • Flat, unlike the luster of natural teeth
  • Smooth on the base, unlike natural gums
  • Crooked because they don’t fit your mouth properly
  • Loose because they side around when chewing, talking, and laughing

FOY® dentures are different because they’re cosmetic dentures made of quality material and designed with movement in mind.

Dentures that Fit Your Facial Shape

Too large dentures are a common problem. Crafting traditional dentures is something any dentist can do without additional training. Your denture dentist might not have the experience you were hoping for. Fountain of Youth denture dentists have undergone advanced training directly from FOY® to be featured on our website and able to create our dentures. They have neuromuscular experience and consider your face shape, muscles, jaw, and jawbone height when making your dentures.

This advanced training means that your denture dentist knows the correct size and shape of teeth and gums for your mouth. People with traditional dentures often complain that they don’t look like themselves. FOY® dentures bring your face back to youthful proportions, so you look like your old self.

picture of a man with dentures that look real
picture of a woman with beautiful dentures

FOY® Denture Teeth Look Like Natural Teeth

Teeth are naturally slightly translucent; that’s why healthy, white teeth look like they shine! A traditional denture uses the same acrylic resin used for the gums to create the teeth. You can think of this acrylic resin as plastic. Plastic does not let light through, and it doesn’t have the same luster as natural teeth. The teeth can look flat and fake. Fountain of Youth Denture teeth are made of the same material that porcelain veneers are made of. It’s an advanced ceramic that mimics the appearance and luster of porcelain since porcelain looks so much like the surface of a natural tooth. But don’t worry, unlike porcelain, they’re durable and strong.

Choose Natural-Looking Gums

You may not realize it, but your gums are a huge part of your smile. When your natural gums are red or inflamed, your smile looks off because inflamed gums aren’t natural and healthy looking. Likewise, when your gums don’t look like real gums, it shows in your smile. Traditional denture gums are typically a flat color without ridges. Natural gums have color variance and have ridges where your veins show, though. FOY® dentures mimic the natural look of real gums with color variance and ridges.

Your Dentures Can Fit Securely With FOY®

A typical complaint of denture patients is that their dentures aren’t secure in their mouth. They slide around when you talk, chew, and laugh, which can make for embarrassing moments with family, friends, and colleagues. What’s more, dentures that side around look crooked when you smile. You bought dentures to replace your teeth’s function, but there is no reason they can’t give you a perfect smile too! FOY® denture dentists create realistic dentures specifically for you and your mouth. They’re designed with movement in mind so you can be sure that your dentures won’t slip, slide, or look crooked.

Fountain of Youth Dentures: Dentures that Don’t Look Fake

If you’ve been looking into replacing your teeth, get the best-looking denture from a FOY® denture dentist. You’ll be stunned by these dentures that look real! Visit our provider map to find a denture dentist near you that can give you the best-looking denture.

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Why FOY® Dentures

While traditional dentures are a popular option for teeth replacement, FOY® Dentures are the only denture that offers you the level of comfort, customization and confidence that you can get with a dental restoration.