We are coming to understand that dentures aren’t just a cosmetic appliance, although they can be very important to achieving and maintaining an attractive appearance. Instead, we are learning that dentures–especially properly fitting dentures–are essential to health and life as we get older.

We learned that objectively assessed bite force was correlated with mortality both among people with natural teeth and among denture wearers. Now a new study shows that self-reported chewing problems are also correlated with mortality among older individuals.

Dentures can help you live longer

Complaints about Chewing Problems

These new results come from the Invecchiare in Chianti (InCHIANTI) study, which is focused on aging individuals in Chianti, Italy. The study was designed to look at the effects of aging in six domains: central nervous system, perception, peripheral nervous system, muscles, bone-joint, and energy production/delivery. The initial population was assembled in 1998-2000, and follow-up evaluations were performed at three, six, and nine years. This new data comes from the nine-year follow-up.

The considered study population was 1155 individuals aged 65 and over. They looked at whether mortality in this population was related to self-reported chewing problems. Out of the study population, 405 reported chewing problems, 35% of the population. Out of the initial population, 475 died over the course of the nine-year follow up. Analysis showed that having chewing problems was associated with a 23% increased risk in death over the study period.

People who had lost their teeth and not replaced them with dentures had an even higher risk. Among those who complained about chewing problems, those with lost teeth and no dentures were 2.1 times as likely to die. On the other hand, those with dentures had a minor increase in risk, although it wasn’t statistically significant.

Quality Dentures for a Longer, Happier Life

As is becoming increasingly clear, the function of your mouth is essential to continued health and happiness as you get older. Quality dentures are designed to ensure the best function of your mouth.

FOY® Dentures offer many distinctions that help them deliver the best results in terms of appearance and function. The use of quality materials, including advanced high tech teeth, allows for better chewing performance as well as durability. Meanwhile, the use of neuromuscular fitting ensures that the dentures are designed to work harmoniously with your bite system for maximum comfort and functionality. And when combined with dental implants, the positive effects can be even greater.

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