We’ve talked a lot about all the things that better dentures can do for you if you’re looking at retirement. But what if you’re not ready to retire? Whether you’re getting dentures relatively young or you’re loving your work too much to quit now, great dentures can really help in the workplace, too. Here are five of the benefits quality dentures will give you in the workplace.

teacher with a group of students in classroom

Look Younger

There are many people who believe that [your job] is a young man’s game. Of course, you know different, but you may not get a chance to prove it if people already assume you can’t handle the job. Opportunities, challenges, and promotions are given to people who seem to have the vigor to handle them.

Unfortunately, if you have cheap dentures, that might not be you. People might look at the collapse of the lower third of your face, sunken cheeks, folded in lips, and decide that you’re a lot older than you really are–too old and tired to handle the job.

But FOY® Dentures are designed to restore your youth. You can regain the appearance of a competitive edge, showing people that you have the energy to handle any challenge they can dish out.

Communicate Better

Most of us have jobs where communication is key. You need to be able to make yourself understood in many situations. Whether you’re talking to your supervisor, your supervisees, or a current or potential client, dentures that interfere with your speech can prevent you from getting your point across.

And the challenge gets worse when you’re talking on the phone, speaking to an auditorium of people, or trying to be heard over the din at an important function. You need dentures that are properly fitted and secured–potentially as implant dentures–to make yourself clear.

Get around Easier

We’ve talked before about how good occlusion is critical to your overall stability. Now, you may be a long way from having to worry about falls, but that doesn’t mean you’re not affected. You may have noticed that you’re having a little trouble keeping up with clients on the back nine or rushing from one meeting to the next in your busy schedule.

That’s partly because of your dentures, and it’s only going to get worse as your dentures wear down and your jaw bones shrink.

Be More Confident

It’s hard to be your best when you’ve got your dentures undermining you. When you know your dentures may be giving everyone the signal that you’re old and tired. When you know that people look at your plastic teeth and know they’re fake. When you know that your dentures could come tumbling out of your mouth any time you talk, it’s hard to keep up your confidence.

But with quality dentures like FOY® Dentures, you know you’re ready for anything, and you’ve got the confidence to step up.

Be More Social

When you have dentures, you might find yourself bowing out of social occasions at work. You might worry that there’s nothing on the menu you can eat. Or maybe you’re finding it hard to get around and don’t want the hassle. Or maybe you’re tired of trying to be understood at the crowded table.

Whatever the reasons why you might be bowing out, you know that these social opportunities aren’t just frivolous outings–they’re opportunities to bond with your coworkers. You can develop bonds that will serve you well in maximizing your potential for the coming years. With quality dentures, you can take advantage of these opportunities and more.

Do Great Things in Dentures

No matter your age, you know you still have a lot of things you want to do. Your best years and best achievements are still to come. You don’t need dentures that are going to slow you down or undercut you. You want dentures that will help you work hard, play hard, and live life to its fullest. You want FOY® Dentures.

To learn more about the benefits of FOY® Dentures, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.