If you talk to denture wearers about their dentures, the odds are good that they hate them. But if you ask people about their FOY ® Dentures, and they probably love them. But many FOY ® Dentures wearers used to have regular dentures–and they hated them! So why do people love FOY ® Dentures, even if they hate regular dentures? Here’s the secret.

Dentures You Can Love

Better Appearance

Traditional dentures often look too fake. They are often made with poor materials that can’t help but look like plastic–because they are plastic. And the poor fit of dentures can also make them look less attractive. They can make  your face look sunken or bulging.

But with FOY ® Dentures, many people find they have the best smile of their lives. Attractive high tech teeth look more like natural teeth, and the optimal fit improves your facial appearance. Not only does it give you a natural facial and smile appearance, it can actually give facelift-like results.

Greater Comfort

One of the things that denture wearers hate is just the literal pain of wearing dentures. Denture pain has many sources. In fact, many denture wearers don’t actually wear their dentures all the time because they hurt, which can lead to increased risk of lost or broken dentures.

But FOY ® Dentures address many of the causes of denture pain, such as looseness or imbalanced forces. This makes them more comfortable to wear, and you can wear them all day.

Don’t Fall Out

Another reason to hate dentures is the way they have a tendency to fall out at the most embarrassing times. When you’re in public, when you’re talking, when you’re laughing–losing your dentures can really make it hard to enjoy yourself.

But FOY ® Dentures are designed to be more secure. They’re unlikely to fall out, even in the most spirited of situations. And they can be anchored with dental implants to make them completely secure.

Better Function

When you have cheap dentures, you might find your life is limited in many different ways. The foods you eat. Your physical activity level. Your ability to speak clearly. All these are limited by poorly functioning traditional dentures.

But with FOY ® Dentures, you can enjoy a life unlimited by your dentures. You can eat all the foods you want, have a more active life, and speak your mind clearly. Life is better with FOY ® Dentures.

Love Your Dentures–and Your Life

If you’re unhappy with your current dentures, you don’t have to keep suffering with them. Instead, you can replace them with better dentures and enjoy a richer life with better dentures. To learn how your life can be better with FOY ® Dentures, contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today for an appointment.