When Dr. Rod Strickland came up with the Denture Fountain of Youth® process, he knew he was revolutionizing the way dentures were made. He fully expected that people would see what he had done and want to do it, too. 

That’s why he started offering classes in the FOY® Dentures process and created a worldwide movement to offer better dentures to patients. 

However, in addition to all the dentists who have taken the FOY® Dentures courses, there are many dentists who are trying to ride the coattails of this revolutionary process for their own profit. Don’t be fooled by these imitators: only duly recognized FOY® Dentures dentists can offer this rejuvenating dental procedure. 

Who Are the Imitators?

Who are the people trying to imitate FOY® Dentures? In general, there are three types of dentists who pretend to be FOY® Dentures dentists. They are dentists who:

  • Make unsupported claims
  • Use a different procedure
  • Studied part of the process, but don’t keep up

Unfortunately, in dentistry, there are many people who are prepared to make unsupported claims about their dental work. We have noticed that many dentists claim that you will see the same rejuvenation from their dentures that you see from FOY® Dentures, but then simply deliver traditional dentures. They count on you not knowing the difference. 

However, some dentists do actually have training in making rejuvenating dentures. After Dr. Strickland introduced FOY® Dentures, a number of competing processes emerged trying to replicate the results. Some of these processes are better than others, but none of them offer the unique benefits of FOY® Dentures. 

Finally, there are some dentists who took part in the FOY® Dentures course at some time in the past and now claim to be FOY® Dentures dentists. While these dentists might have learned some of the processes, they might not know all the nuances, such as how best to adapt FOY® Dentures as implant dentures, or the latest refinements. 

How to Make Sure You Get Genuine FOY® Dentures

With the number of imitators out there, how do you make sure you’re getting the real FOY® Dentures? Take these steps:

  • Use our directory
  • Ask for FOY® Dentures by name
  • Ask dentists about their training

The easiest way to make sure you’re getting true FOY® Dentures is to use our directory to find a genuine FOY® Dentures dentist. The dentists in our directory have taken the training and are part of the community, with quality, up-to-date training. If you can’t find a local dentist or are unsure which to choose, you can use our contact form and we’ll put you in touch with a recommended dentist in your area. 

When visiting a dentist, make sure you ask for FOY® Dentures by name. This will make sure that you get these high-quality dentures and not some imitation brand that might offer a higher profit margin. Let us know if you find a dentist who advertises FOY® Dentures, then balks at providing them when requested. 

Finally, never hesitate to ask a dentist about their qualifications. This should be a standard part of choosing a dentist, especially for a procedure like this. If a dentist can’t or won’t tell you about their FOY® Dentures training, including when they took it and what it covered, they may not be genuine FOY® Dentures dentists. All FOY® Dentures dentists have access to the course material, so hopefully, they are constantly refreshing themselves about how to properly perform this complicated procedure. 

Accept No Substitutions

There is nothing quite like FOY® Dentures available today. It’s worth it to take the effort to ensure you’re really getting this rejuvenating dental procedure. 

You can start by contacting a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.