Did your dentures break? You might be wondering whether you should try to repair your old dentures or replace them with new dentures. This can be a tough decision, but here are five reasons why you might want to replace, not repair your dentures.

Don’t Fix Bad Dentures

Dentures Were Old

Dentures don’t last forever. Sometimes when dentures break, it’s time to take that as a sign that maybe you should let them go. Dentures are only expected to last 8 years or less, but many people wear them long beyond that. If you’ve been wearing your dentures for a long time, it may be best to get rid of them and replace them with a new set.

Dentures can get worn out over time, which means that, even if they’re repaired, they won’t look or function as well as a new set.

Dentures Broke because of Poor Fit

Poor fit can break your dentures.

One of the common causes of denture breakage is fulcruming. This occurs when dentures get high centered on bone in the middle of the jaw, creating a pressure point that will break dentures again and again. Better fitting dentures can help you avoid fulcruming.

Dentures might also create or foster an imbalanced bite, where you bite down harder on one side than the other, which can lead to dentures breaking repeatedly.

Dentures Broke because of Poor Quality

If you buy cheap dentures, you might find that the materials used are actually not up to the challenge of biting and chewing. This makes them susceptible to breakage, including chipping and cracking of the teeth or having the base break apart.

You Might Need to Repair Them Often

One thing that old, poor fitting, and poor quality dentures have in common is that if they broke once, they’re likely to break again. If you repair them rather than replace them, you’re committing to spending more money and time repairing them again–or replacing them then. Now might be the best time to go ahead and replace your dentures.

Dentures Were Uncomfortable

One common complaint about dentures is that they hurt to wear. This is especially true of old, poorly fitting, or cheap dentures. If these dentures broke, why fix them just so you can go back to being hurt by them? Instead, maybe it’s time to finally get dentures that will actually be comfortable.

Dentures Were Badly Broken

Sometimes, dentures are so badly broken that repairing them isn’t really an option. They might not be able to be fixed, or repairing them is so expensive that you might as well get a new set.

You’re Ready for an Upgrade

Maybe you don’t strictly need to replace your dentures. Maybe they fit fine, looked okay, and didn’t hurt. Maybe you just dropped them or something, and they can be repaired and will likely be fine again.

But maybe fine isn’t good enough for your dentures anymore. When you first got dentures, you felt you could live with the diminished bite force, the unnatural appearance, and the difficulty talking. But maybe now you feel you deserve better than just acceptable dentures. Maybe now you realize that you want quality dentures that let you live a better life. You want an attractive smile and youthful facial appearance like FOY ® Dentures can give you. Or you want to be able to bite and chew like natural teeth thanks to implant dentures.

That’s the best reason of all to choose to replace your dentures rather than repair them.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to upgrade your dentures rather than just repair them, please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist to learn how.