Dental implants are a great treatment for people who have lost their teeth. They are so much like your natural teeth that many people are marketing them as if they were your third set of teeth. But if you can’t get dental implants, you can still have an attractive, functional smile.

FOY® Dentures are an innovative denture that gives you many of the benefits of dental implants. Although FOY® Dentures are available in an implant-supported denture version for people who are good candidates for implants and want the additional security they provide, people who can’t get dental implants can still get many of the benefits they offer over traditional dentures.

Why Dental Implants Aren’t Right for Some People

Dental implants work well for many people who are appropriate candidates. For many candidates, the success rate is over 90%, but for other people, the success rate may be much lower, perhaps 70% or less. Some of the risk factors that may make dental implants a poor choice for you include:

  • Chronic periodontal disease
  • Diabetes and other health conditions that increase periodontal risk
  • Smoking
  • Metal allergies
  • Lack of good bone material, poor bone density, or poor bone healing
  • Diseases or conditions that increase risk of anesthesia complications
  • Medications that may interfere with bone healing or increase risks

These and some other risk factors may mean that dental implants just may not be right for you.

Maybe You’d Rather Not Have Dental Implants

Some people decide against dental implants. Some risk factors are choices that you make. At the time when people are looking at dental implants, they may not want to give up smoking, for example.

Or maybe you don’t like the thought of dental implant surgery, or the time involved. You’d rather have another way to get attractive and functional replacement teeth without dental implants.

FOY® Dentures Are Unlike Traditional Dentures

Dental implants have been promoted by comparing them to traditional dentures, but this is like comparing a model T to a modern Chevy. Just as technology has advanced for dental implants, so has it also advanced for dentures.

FOY® Dentures represent a modern evolution of dentures, and compared to traditional dentures, they offer:

  • Better fit–they won’t slip out in social situations
  • Greater comfort–less risk of denture pain
  • Better function–eat more foods with confidence
  • More support for the face, leading to a younger appearance

With these benefits, you’ll be so satisfied with FOY® Dentures, you won’t ever think to regret that you couldn’t get dental implants.

To learn more about the benefits of FOY® Dentures, please talk to a local dentist and find out if they’re right for you.