Dr. Rod Strickland, Inventor of the Denture Fountain of Youth ®Dr. Rod Strickland developed the Denture Fountain of Youth®, also known as FOY ® Dentures, to help dentists deliver attractive, comfortable, and functional dentures to their patients. Utilizing his diverse and in-depth training and experience as a cosmetic and neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Strickland developed a process that has been imitated but never equaled.

Why FOY ® Dentures

Dr. Strickland developed Fountain of Youth Dentures™ in part because he had actually given up making dentures in his own practice. The denture process, as he and many other dentists had learned it, was irrevocably flawed. There was little science to it. This not only meant that results were inconsistent, there was no good way to teach it, so dentists learned by trial and error. While some dentists could do it well, most did it poorly for years before they got it right. This meant that most denture wearers were unhappy with their dentures.

Dr. Strickland also noted that the changing demographics in the US meant that more people were going to need dentures in the future. While this trend was commonly recognized, the trend in the industry was toward cheaper, low-quality dentures. No one had developed and marketed a premium denture option. People could choose between traditional dentures and cheap dentures, which fit and looked even worse than traditional dentures.

Recognizing the need, Dr. Strickland started to develop the Fountain of Youth Dentures™ process.

Bringing Together Different Elements

Dr. Strickland developed the FOY ® Dentures process in 2007-2009. At this time, he had moved from his successful private practice in Indiana to join Dr. Brad Durham in Savannah, Georgia. Dr. Durham encouraged Dr. Strickland to develop his new dentures process, which would help the practice in its mission of always delivering quality dentistry to its patients.

Dr. Strickland had extensive training as a cosmetic and neuromuscular dentist, thanks in part to his extensive continuing education at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). He saw how these two disciplines could provide better results for denture patients.

First, advances in cosmetic dentistry could be used to make dentures look more natural. New materials being used for dental veneers could be used to make more attractive denture teeth. And an improved understanding of how to design attractive, individual smiles would help design more personal and less fake-looking dentures.

Neuromuscular dentistry taught Dr. Strickland that the teeth were just one part of a complex system of muscles, nerves, and joints. Dentures had to fulfill all the roles teeth filled if they were to be successful. This led him to look for ways to improve the integration of dentures into the neuromuscular system through an improved fit.

Rejuvenating Dentures

Dr. Strickland also realized that when dentures truly replaced missing teeth, they had a beneficial effect on the appearance of people wearing them. Instead of looking sunken and folding over, people had more facial fullness, which reduced the amount of folds, wrinkles, and sagging tissue. This dramatically reduced the apparent age of people wearing them.

Essentially, the effect was like a facelift, but better, because it didn’t involve surgery. It made people look almost magically younger, which made him decide on the name Denture Fountain of Youth ®, abbreviated as FOY ® Dentures.

Spreading the Knowledge

Once he had developed the process, Dr. Strickland realized that dentures and patients could benefit from the spread of the technique. He began offering instruction in Fountain of Youth Dentures™, and now hundreds of dentists around the world have learned to perform the procedure. In addition to the in-person seminars, he now offers online courses in FOY ® Dentures. He also continues to perform the procedure himself  in Savannah, Georgia.