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Savannah Denture Dentist Dr. Rod Strickland, DDS

Dr. Rod Strickland

Before inventing FOY® Dentures, Dr. Strickland had given up on dentures. The way he had been taught to make them, they didn’t serve his patients well, and he hated delivering a service that he felt wasn’t good for his patients or for him. However, he decided to design a new denture process that would yield consistent, quality results.

Using his knowledge of neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Strickland developed dentures that would fit well, function well, and look beautiful. Although it was a two-year process, he is now happy to be able to give his denture patients the same Beyond Exceptional Dentistry that he gives other patients in his practice.

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Culture, Demographics, and Denture Demand of Hilton Head

Hilton Head is a relatively affluent South Carolina community located on the island of Hilton Head. The town incorporated in 1983. It has a relatively small full-time population, about 38,000, but the summer population can swell to about 275,000.

In Hilton Head, the median household income is about $60,000, approximately 37% higher than the median household income of South Carolina, and 13% higher than the US median household income.

The full-time population of Hilton Head is also older than the population of the state and country. The median age of the population of Hilton Head is 50.9, with about 28% of the population age 65 and over. In South Carolina, 14.7% of the population is over the age of 65, and in the US, 13.7% of the population is over the age of 65, and the median age is 37.2.

Edentulous rates for the Hilton Head community have not been published, but if the US edentulous rate holds, about 10% of the population of Hilton Head has or needs full dentures.

Hilton Head Culture and the Benefits of FOY® Dentures

Hilton Head culture includes many popular foods and food festivals where the benefits of better-fitting and more functional dentures would be beneficial, such as the Rib Burnoff and Barbecue fest. And although many traditional foods, such as gumbo and other stews, are easy to eat for denture patients, some foods like benne brittle and Frogmore stew—which includes corn on the cob–are more challenging. Enjoying these foods require good teeth or great dentures.

Among the most famous of all South Carolina traditions, the Carolina Shag is a vigorous dance that originated on the coast during the 1940s, but has remained popular in the area since its development. Edentulous patients would appreciate the additional stability granted by having better-fitting dentures.

An Interview with Hilton Head Denture Dentist, Dr. Rod Strickland

Why did you invent FOY® Dentures?

Nearly ten years before inventing FOY® Dentures, I had given up on dentures. I didn’t want to be a denture dentist anymore because as a denture dentist I couldn’t provide the same quality of results I provided as a cosmetic dentist or a neuromuscular dentist. The way I had been taught to do dentures, the quality was inconsistent, and if they didn’t work I didn’t know how to fix them. If I couldn’t do dentures right, I didn’t want to do them at all.

But I was uneasy about this decision. There were people who were in need of dentures. Even with dental implants, most people needed a denture atop those implants, and they were many of them still getting the same poor results. To really serve my patients, I needed to become a denture dentist again, but this time I had to make sure it was done right. And that’s why I developed FOY® Dentures.

How is being a denture dentist different with FOY® Dentures?

A traditional denture dentist often feels powerless. You were taught a set of practices without any real knowledge about how the dentures should fit in with the muscles and other parts of the bite, and when your practices don’t work, you don’t know how to go about fixing the results.

A FOY® Dentures dentist works with a confident understanding of how their scientific method works to ensure proper denture fit and what can be done in the event a denture doesn’t fit properly. This means consistent, quality results, which doesn’t just make your patients happy, it makes you happy.

What is the most common complaint about economy dentures that you hear?

There are really two different sets of complaints I hear about economy dentures: one about the dentures and one about the denture dentists. People complain mostly that their economy dentures are unattractive and make them look unattractive.

About the economy denture dentist, though, most people complain that they just don’t take the time to perform follow-ups and refit the dentures. This is because economy denture dentists are trying to make a profit on low-cost product where everything can be made cheaper—from the mass manufacturing to the low-quality material—except the dentist’s time. That denture dentist simply can’t afford to spend any more time on you: it’ll eat up their margins.

What advice would you give a patient who is considering FOY® Dentures versus traditional dentures?

Two pieces of advice about how to see the value of an investment in FOY® Dentures. First, remember that the quality of your dentures determines the quality of your life. Everything you do depends on your dentures: breathing, drinking, eating, talking, laughing, and smiling are all influenced by your teeth or your dentures. Even getting up and moving around are influenced by the quality of your dentures. Factor the value of doing all that better into your cost.

Next, remember that your low-quality dentures are likely going to wear out more quickly. They may either just wear down because they’re not properly set up to accommodate your biting and chewing or they’ll fit so poorly you’ll have to put them in a drawer and get a new set. When you factor this in over the lifetime of FOY® Dentures, the marginal cost to get much higher quality and much greater comfort is really minimal.